Why Video Glitches Aren’t Evidence of Aliens Living Among Us

Captain Disillusion explains why glitches in online videos aren’t evidence of the secret reptilian alien conspiracy! (Which, apparently, some people believe…)

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Here’s Your Marriage License… and a Bible

The Washington Post‘s Monica Hesse has a fascinating profile of Bobby Martin, one of the probate judges in Alabama who has had to deal with the U.S. Supreme Court and Alabama’s own Chief Justice telling him contradictory things about whether he can marry gay couples over the past week:

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A Religious Memorial Honoring a Middle School Teacher is Altered After Atheists Point Out Constitutional Problems

In 2004, Ravenswood Middle School (West Virginia) teacher Joann Christy died in an accident. It was obviously devastating to the community and the school built a memorial in her honor.

The problem is that the memorial included several Christian crosses and images of angels:

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If You’re Going to Illegally Distribute Bibles to Fifth-Graders, You Probably Shouldn’t Brag About It on Facebook

Here’s an idea: Don’t distribute Bibles to children in public elementary schools.

Here’s another idea: Don’t brag about how you handed out bibles to children in public elementary schools on Facebook. And then tell people one of the principals personally helped you do it.

Jamison Faught, son of Oklahoma State Rep. George Faught, did just that and now the Freedom From Religion Foundation is on it:

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Houston Newspaper Publishes Digitally Altered Image of Christian Preacher Speaking to a Huge Crowd

Yesterday, the front page of the Houston Chronicle included this article and photo:

Amazing, isn’t it, that evangelist Reinhard Bonnke is speaking to a crowd of over a million people… and they’re not even looking at him?

That’s because the photo isn’t real.

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