Conservative Christian Group Celebrates Divorce of Gay Bishop: “It’s a Good Thing”

The Illinois Family Institute hates it when people call them anti-gay, bigoted, or a Hate Group… but look at how they’re reacting to the recent announcement that Bishop Gene Robinson (below), the first openly gay bishop in the Episcopal Church, would be getting a divorce from his husband after 25 years together.

Not only does IFI celebrate his divorce, they can’t even bring themselves to accept that Robinson was ever married in the first place:

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Todd Starnes Claims Fifth-Grader Isn’t Allowed to Read Bible at School; Once Again, the Facts Say Otherwise

The latest pseudo-example of society persecuting Christians comes to us from Lauderdale Lakes, Florida. And it has the Todd Starnes Stamp of Bullshit, which gives you an indication of how much of the story you’re not hearing…

Here’s the abridged version of the story as Starnes tells it: Park Lakes Elementary School fifth-grader Giovanni Rubeo was reading his Bible at school when a teacher made him stop. The teacher even called his dad and said, “He’s not permitted to read those books in my classroom.”

The district’s legal department later told the dad that his son could read the Bible “before school, after school and during lunch, in accordance to the law.” Which is clearly code for “not during school.”

And that’s where Starnes ends his story. Oh. Wait. I forgot Starnes’ last line: “Had the kid been reading Fifty Shades of Grey, he probably would’ve been given a gold star.”

Yep, because those godless Communist teachers love it when children read a badly-written story of BDSM…

Anyway, what happens when we dig a little deeper into this story?

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Creationist Ken Ham: Teaching Evolution to Children Reminds Me of This Quotation by Hitler

Here’s some unsolicited advice for everyone: Unless you’re referring to someone who wants to kill off an entire race of people, just don’t bring up Hitler when talking how you disagree with someone else. I mean, we have fallacies named after that.

Creationist Ken Ham hasn’t heard that advice before because he was reading an article about how we ought to be introducing evolution to children at a young age and guess where his mind went?

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Conservative Christian Group Posts Positive Article About Local Muslims and Members Flip Out, Forcing an Apology

The Family Policy Institute of Washington (state) is one of those anti-gay groups that thinks giving the LGBT community equal rights is tantamount to chaos.

Normally, I fight against groups like that. But for the past month or so, the FPIW has actually been doing something pretty interesting: They’ve been visiting places of worship for faiths other than their own in an effort to showcase non-Christian groups that “share our commitment to life, marriage, religious freedom, and parental rights.”

The articles don’t really go into controversial social issues so much as they simply introduce the Christian readers to a different religion. They’ve already visited a Sikh temple, a Catholic church, and a Seventh-day Adventist Church with no problems.

But then, last week, they posted about a visit to a local mosque and all hell broke loose.

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Expand Your Vocabulary, Courtesy of the Bible

My friend Anu Garg runs the popular website, where he teaches you a Word of the Day complete with pronunciation, etymology, etc.

This week’s theme is “Biblical characters who became words” and Garg introduces the theme with a personal story:

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