Australian Government: If You Don’t Vaccinate Your Kids, We Won’t Give You Child Care Payments

Prime Minister Tony Abbott (below) says he plans to close the loophole that allows anti-vaccination parents to receive child care subsidies from the government. Considering Abbott’s reputation for being anti-science and pro-religion, this is a surprising (but welcome) move.

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Your Wish is Granted!

Seen at PostSecret:

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TV Show Searching for Atheist/Religious Couples Who May Be Getting Married Soon…

I’m passing along this information to those who are interested. I take no responsibility for how this will go, but I’m told it’s for a “major cable network.”

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Michigan School District Investigates Proselytizing Substitute Teacher… But How Exactly Are They Disciplining Him?

On Monday, the Michigan Association of Civil Rights Activists (MACRA) sent a letter to Hart High School Principal Matthew McDonald over this religious tract:

Apparently, a substitute teacher had been giving it to students while discussing the Bible with them. One of the students told his mother, who contacted MACRA, who then sent a letter to the principal:

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Seventh-Day Adventist Church Propaganda Video Argues Against the Ordination of Women

Why can’t women be ordained in the Seventh-Day Adventist Church?

There’s no good answer to the question, as church leaders usually fall back on “tradition” and “the Bible said so” and “Respect mah authoritay,” but a new video attempts to answer the question from the Church’s perspective.

Brace yourself for some screenshots:

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