How About Some Godless Pickup Lines for Valentine’s Day?

Jaclyn Glenn offers some atheistic pick-up lines that are guaranteed to impress that special someone… or keep you single forever. I can’t remember which one.

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Are You Going to Attend Church Today? Click Wisely…

Clickhole, true to its name, has a Choose Your Own Adventure game that involves your eternal soul, and it’s very addictive.

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Darwin Day Proclamation Issued in Omaha, Nebraska

You’ll be happy to know that the mayor of Omaha, Nebraska, Jean Stothert, signed a proclamation honoring Charles Darwin‘s birthday:

Somewhere, a Creationist is shedding a single tear.

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The Problems with the National Prayer Breakfast

Christian blogger Fred Clark explains the problems with the National Prayer Breakfast:

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Attack During Free Speech Debate in Copenhagen Targets Lars Vilks, Controversial Muhammad Cartoonist

Lars Vilks is the Swedish artist at the center of controversy in 2007 because he drew the Islamic prophet Muhammad with a dog’s body. (This was more than a year after other Muhammad cartoons were published in Jyllands-Posten.) In 2010, there was still a bounty on his head and his home was fire-bombed. Despite all [Read More…]