God Will Help Me Get Revenge, Right?

One of my favorite blogs is The Comics Curmudgeon, in which Josh Fruhlinger takes comic strips that are bad enough as is and adds in his own commentary to make them sooooo much better. Like this “Family Circus” strip (by the just-passed-away Bil Keane): All sorts of hilarious, no? But then you add in Josh’s [Read More...]

Raise a Glass for Christopher Hitchens

A few weeks ago, some Redditors decided to work on a living tribute to Christopher Hitchens. They asked people to submit one minute videos in which they said whatever they wanted to him. The final product is now up and it looks fantastic. What a wonderful tribute to someone who’s had a hand in helping [Read More...]

Duquesne University Refuses to Recognize Campus Atheist Group

Duquesne University is a Catholic school in Pennsylvania. So is DePaul University, just outside of Chicago. DePaul has a thriving Secular Student Alliance group — the DePaul Alliance for Free Thought — which encourages conversations about religion between religious and non-religious students. They also bring in speakers for the school, question long-held beliefs of everyone, [Read More...]

Why Does God Need Virgins So Badly?

This cartoon at God Comics starts one way… … and it heads somewhere completely unexpected. Check out the rest of it here. [Read more...]

Reasons I Haven’t Responded to Any of Your Emails

Parent-Teacher conferences last night, today all day, and tonight. Weekly Speech Team/Forensics tournaments… and almost-daily practices. (But the kids are sooooo freaking talented.) Foundation Beyond Belief board meeting last weekend (Lots of amazing ideas came from it, though… can’t wait to share them all with you soon!) *cough cough hack snot asthma wheeze* Grandfather’s 90th [Read More...]