Atheist TV Channel Will Launch by the End of the Month

After first mentioning the idea this past spring, American Atheists has announced that a TV channel dedicated to atheist programming will launch on Tuesday, July 29.

Atheist TV will be available via Roku, the Internet-streaming service that attaches to your television like a cable box. Viewers will also be able to stream the content at

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Why Are Conservatives Defending the Woman Who Posted a Picture of Herself Holding a Gun and a Bible?

By now, you’ve inevitably seen the picture of a Christian woman holding a gun in one hand and a Bible the other, while standing in front of an American flag. Because that somehow relates to Hobby Lobby:

The picture went viral after it was juxtaposed with a similar image of terrorist Reem Saleh Al-Riyashi (often including the phrase: “Explain the difference”):

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Christian Pastor Who Tortured a Child Will Spend No More Than Two Years in Prison

Here’s what I know about the Heart of Worship Community Church in Corona, California: Its members love Jesus, its website needs a lot of help, and the pastor is fucked up.

This is what Pastor Lonny Lee Remmers (below), along with two church members, did to a 13-year-old boy in 2012 because he needed to be “disciplined”:

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Minnesota Interfaith Group Changes Its Name to Become More Inclusive of Atheists

When you mention the word “Interfaith” around atheists, you often hear a lot of pushback against the word itself. Even if an interfaith dialogue is supposed to represent a conversation between people of all different beliefs, I’ve heard atheists say something like, Atheism isn’t a faith, so “interfaith” excludes us by definition.

Well, a group in Minnesota has finally taken a positive step toward becoming more inclusive.

The St. Paul Interfaith Network in Minnesota hosts a monthly meeting called the “Interfaith Conversation Cafe” (ICC) where different groups come together to talk about whatever that month’s theme is.

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She Went from Attending a Victim-Blaming Christian College to Becoming a Church/State Separation Activist

The New York TimesMark Oppenheimer, who in the past couple of months has profiled atheist author S.T. Joshi and ex-Muslim activist Heina Dadabhoy, continues that trend with a look at Sarah Jones, a staffer at Americans United for Separation of Church and State who only a few years ago was a student at a fundamentalist Christian college:

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