I Guess Church/State Separation Advocates Are Extremists Now

My friend Anu Garg runs the popular website Wordsmith.org, where he teaches you a Word of the Day complete with pronunciation, etymology, etc.

This week’s theme is “Words from the Bible” and Garg introduces the theme with some thoughts on religion and politics:

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Jesus Will Be Pissed If Christian Women Go See Fifty Shades of Grey

Carmen Miller, who co-founded the “God Over Porn” ministry, is shocked — shocked! — that Christian women are getting excited about the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey movie. She wants them all to know how upset God will be if they choose to watch it:

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Republican Leader: Ending Mandatory Prayers in Public Schools Has Led to “Assault, Rape, Murder”

On the “View from a Pew” show recently, Iowa Republican National Committee member Tamara Scott echoed the nasty (and completely off-base) conservative talking point that, when mandatory prayer in public school was deemed unconstitutional, it opened the door to all sorts of horrors:

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Madison (Wisconsin) May Include Atheists as a Protected Class in Expanded Anti-Discrimination Bill

The most surprising thing about Madison (Wisconsin) Alderwoman Anita Weier‘s new anti-discrimination proposal may be that it wasn’t already in effect.

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Is It Ethical for This Atheist to Make a Ton of Money Selling a Bible App?

If you listened to the StartUp podcast recently, you heard host Alex Blumberg conduct a brief interview with Trevor McKendrick (below), who makes a lot of money selling a Spanish-language Bible app. Like $100,000+ a year.

And he happens to be an atheist, which Business Insider‘s Nicholas Carlson explains:

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