Richard Dawkins: ‘Now Praise Intelligent Design’

In his talk at the Global Atheist Convention in Melbourne, Richard Dawkins gave a talk called “Now Praise Intelligent Design“: As always, if there are any bits we should pay special attention to, just leave the timestamp and a summary in the comments. [Read more...]

Shocking: Christian Prayers Didn’t Bring Rain to Colorado

David Ramsey of the Colorado Springs Gazette wants to know why there hasn’t been any rain to drown out the wildfires despite all the people praying for it: Minutes after ignition of the Waldo Canyon Fire, the call rang out for prayer. And the call was answered by millions of Christians across our nation and [Read More...]

Texas GOP: Don’t Teach Them How to Think Critically

If you’re voting for the GOP in Texas, you’re not doing anybody any favors: (via Far Left Side) [Read more...]

Atheists Are Organizing in High Schools

Kimberly Winston of the Religion News Service just released her article on the rise of high school atheists. I’ve been doing research on the subject for the past month for my book and this only confirms what I’ve been finding: There were about a dozen such [high school atheist] clubs at the beginning of the [Read More...]

Sam Harris Just Wants to Have a Discourse

Is that so wrong? Harris responded to the video on Twitter Brutal, but well-deserved…RT — Sam Harris (@SamHarrisOrg) June 28, 2012 [Read more...]