Advice for High School Graduates

My seniors graduate this week and I was compiling a list for them. After asking people on Twitter and Facebook for their ideas, here’s what I put together: Never buy textbooks. There are always places to find cheap (or free) versions. Don’t sign up for a credit card, no matter what “prize” they’re offering you. [Read More...]

There’s An Openly Atheist President in Uruguay

In news that doesn’t seem to be getting a lot of American press, José Mujica, the President of Uruguay, made a reference to his own atheism this week when speaking about the ailing Hugo Chavez: Reader David Osorio was kind enough to translate: “I still have not been able to believe in God… if such [Read More...]

Damon Fowler’s Legacy: No Prayer at His Former High School’s Graduation This Time Around

A year after atheist Damon Fowler fought a losing battle to get prayer out of his Louisiana high school graduation, there’s some great news to report: No moment of silence this year. No public prayer. And no controversy. Those are Damon’s efforts coming to fruition. Bastrop High School won’t thank him for what he did [Read More...]

Can Believers and Atheists Work Together?

I haven’t had a chance to listen to the full audio, but the Rationalist Society of Australia recently released a conversation between interfaith supporter/atheist Chris Stedman, his biggest critic PZ Myers, and ethicist Leslie Cannold in which they discussed the question “Can believers and atheist work together for the common good?” As always, if you [Read More...]

Atheists in Christian Workplaces (Part 3)

Continuing the conversations from here and here, I received this email from an atheist who teaches at a Christian school. If you’d like to share your experience as an atheist in a Christian workplace, please shoot me an email. … I met my husband in church. We had both been raised in fairly conservative, Bible-believing [Read More...]