A Young Mathemagician

Ethan Brown is only 12, but his ability to do tricks using mental math is incredible. At last week’s Skepticamp in New Hampshire, Ethan created a 4 x 4 magic square after audience members filled in some of the boxes for him at random. And he even found a way to get the columns and [Read More...]

What Happened to the GiveBack.org Money?

Maybe you can help me figure this out… A few months ago, I promoted a contest at GiveBack.org that gave $50,000 to the first place winner. An atheist named Chris McCoy asked other users on Reddit to vote for him and he quickly took over the top spot, eventually winning the money. One of the [Read More...]

Why Do We Need Humanist Chaplains in the Military?

The terminology war aside, why are Humanist chaplains in the military so necessary? (And why do we even have military chaplains in the first place?) Jason Torpy, president of the Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers, appeared on The Alyona Show (airing on the network formerly known as Russia Today, with host Alyona Minkovski) to [Read More...]

A Trend as Annoying as the Player Himself…

“Tebowing”, named after Christian NFL quarterback Tim Tebow, occurs when you “get down on a knee and start praying, even if everyone else around you is doing something completely different.” In other words, it’s when you go into your bubble while everyone else lives in reality. Unfortunately, the trend is becoming more popular… … but [Read More...]

Your Math for the Day

Can God create a math problem so hard that even He can’t solve it? Let’s find out. … And I love this equation the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s Dan Barker sent to Jerry Coyne (almost as an afterthought) in an email about religious accommodation and why science and religion are not compatible: Here’s an equation: [Read More...]