Two National Groups Team Up To Protect Rights of Young Atheists

This is a match made in hell — and it’ll help secular students around the country.

The Secular Student Alliance and Freedom From Religion Foundation have announced a joint partnership that will offer free legal help to young atheists whose rights are being violated:

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Montana Court Rules That Giant Statue of Jesus Is Not Religious

If you were to go skiing at Whitefish Mountain Resort in Montana, a resort on land owned by the U.S. Forest Service (USFS), you might come across a statue known as “Big Mountain Jesus”:

The reason that statue is allowed to be on the property is because the USFS gave the Knights of Columbus a “Special Use Permit” in 1953 to build and maintain a memorial to honor WWII veterans. However, the Knights decided to build Big Mountain Jesus because “veterans from the 10th Mountain Division… wanted to commemorate their fallen comrades with a statue that evoked memories of the many religious shrines and statues they had seen in the mountain communities of Europe.”

Isn’t that convenient…

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This Is Why Math Is Important, Everyone

From the Christian Post:

Sam Rohrer, president of the Pennsylvania Pastors’ Network, stated that he was “stunned at this decision today to take a 360-degree turn away from the biblical definition of marriage.”

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What Would Happen if a Major League Pitcher Drew an Atheist Symbol on the Mound Before a Game?

Michael Vines, a St. Louis Cardinals fan, recently noticed that there were Christian symbols on the mound when Adam Wainwright was pitching:

For what it’s worth, while that symbol near the bottom left looks like a Jesus Fish, it’s actually the number 6, in honor of Cardinals legend Stan Musial.

But there’s no doubt about that cross.

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What Happens When Pastors Become Atheists?

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, answers the question: What Happens When Pastors Become Atheists?

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