The Creationists Are Looking for Targets

It looks like Ken Ham and his acolytes at the Creation Museum are teaching children a new skill: Archery. To me, providing such programs is a part of helping families to provide wholesome Christian-run programs for families and their friends, and at the same time, use it as a way of reaching others with the [Read More...]

Update: Atheist Billboard Featuring Slavery Bible Verse Will Not Go Back Up

Just as quickly as the PA Nonbelievers’ slavery billboard was torn down… … Lamar Advertising has replaced it with a different billboard altogether: Overnight, someone removed part of the sign, probably with a knife, said Andrew Rebuck, general manager of the Lamar Advertising office in Lemoyne. The company put up a different image at 8 [Read More...]

Hebrew Atheist Billboard Finds a New Home

This morning, the future of the Hebrew billboard reaching out to closeted atheists in the Orthodox Jewish community was uncertain, but it looks like American Atheists found a home for it: The atheists had to settle for placing the billboard above the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway near Meeker Avenue — about a mile and a half north [Read More...]

What Happens After You Die?

These beliefs make as much sense as all the religious ones: (via SMBC Theater — Thanks to Paul for the link!) [Read more...]

New Zealand Church’s ‘Jesus Heals Cancer’ Billboard is Replaced… with Something Just As Bad

Remember the billboard in New Zealand that stated “Jesus Heals Cancer” and contained tally marks indicating how many people had been “cured” by Jesus? Turns out the ad by the Equippers church generated all sorts of outrage, prompting the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) to investigate. Maybe they’re just trying to avoid any sort of punishment, [Read More...]