Intel: If the Boy Scouts Continue to Discriminate, We Won’t Give Them Any Money

The Intel Corporation has a great program to encourage volunteering: For every hour an employee volunteers for an organization, they’ll give that group $10. Last year, that amounted to $8,200,000 in total.

The Boy Scouts of America have been one of the biggest beneficiaries of Intel’s donations, but that’s about to change for good, now that Intel has changed its own rules to require the groups getting money to be non-discriminatory… and the BSA is anti-gay and anti-atheist: [Read more...]

You Might Be a Humanist If…

The American Humanist Association tossed out a prompt and they’d like you to finish it: [Read more...]

What Happened to the Dinosaurs…

Now, it all makes sense: [Read more...]

Could Charles Darwin Have Beaten Creationist Congressperson Paul Broun?

Rep. Paul Broun (R-GA) just ran for Congress unopposed.

That’s disturbing when you consider that he sits on the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology… and told an audience at Liberty Baptist Church in September that evolution, embryology, and the Big Bang are “lies straight from the pit of Hell”: [Read more...]

Teresa MacBain: From Methodist Minister to Atheist Advocate

It would be fun to say that if Teresa hadn’t come along, we would have had to invent her. But American Atheists isn’t an organization that needs to invent beings who are too good to be true. Real people, with real stories and faith in reason, are more than enough.

The reaction by news organizations to her coming out is proof of that. She made headlines at many levels. Her local news station treated it like a scandal. National reports were objective for the most part, yet they presented her as a curiosity more than anything. Here, in her own words, she demonstrates that coming out of the Atheist closet is not the end of the world. It’s the end of just one of many possible worlds. She may not believe in life after death anymore, but she’s a firm believer in life after faith. [Read more...]