Christian Magazine: The Prison Food Multiplied!

If this actually happened, you would think it’d get more headlines than just this one in Charisma, a Christian magazine. As it stands, I can’t find any other information about it. They had only prepared food for 70 people. But once the service in the prison in Pochutla had started, more and more men joined [Read More...]

Church to Unemployed: We’ll Help You By Praying for Your Resumes!

I saw this headline the other day: My first reaction was: “Well, this is silly. Of all the ways to *not* get a job, ‘getting your resume prayed for’ has to be at the top of the list.” My second reaction was: “Wait, don’t people put their contact information on their resumes? IT’S A TRAP! [Read More...]

What if Christians Sang About What Was Really On Their Minds?

What would happen if Christian worship music reflected what so many people in the congregations were actually thinking? It might look like this: I laughed Credit where it’s due: The song’s courtesy of First Baptist Orlando Church. (via Friendly Atheist Forums) [Read more...]

One Way to Respond to Street Preachers: Preach Right Back at Them

I know we shouldn’t stoop to their level, but when Mike Lee decides to give two Christian street preachers a taste of their own medicine by loudly reading from The God Delusion right in front of them, it’s pretty entertaining… The good stuff starts around the 0:40 mark: Can you believe it? The preachers didn’t [Read More...]

His Doctors Deserve All the Credit

Our Youtube friend Edward Tarte recently underwent surgery to remove cancer and I’m happy to report that it went successfully! It looks like the cancer is gone from his body. (In case there’s any confusion, the date he mentions in the video isn’t accurate): Feel free to leave some positive thoughts on his YouTube channel [Read More...]