You Were Right; Salvation Lies Within

Here’s a Shawshankian Bible you might want to give that atheist friend of yours…

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When to Walk Away from a Conversation About Religion

Anthony Magnabosco has made a whole bunch of videos in which he speaks to a stranger about his or her religious beliefs for just five minutes — and then deconstructs the whole conversation afterwards. (You can see his efforts here, here, here, and here.)

But this time, he made one where he explains when it’s best to just walk away.

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This Scenario Only Makes Sense if You Believe Babies Are Born Religious

As Richard Dawkins is quick to point out, the phrase “Christian child” or “Muslim child” makes no sense — especially when applied to babies — since they never sat down, worked through their beliefs, and chose a label for themselves. It’s like saying, “That newborn is a Republican.”

Ruben Bolling goes a step further and introduces us to the tragic story of an Oregon woman who gave birth to a Hindu baby. The horror!

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Christian Columnist: Leelah Alcorn’s Suicide is Sad, So Let’s Look for the “Root Causes of Transgenderism”

Yesterday, Terry posted the tragic story of Leelah Alcorn (below), a transgender teen who killed herself, leaving behind a digital suicide note urging parents never to tell their kids that it’s “just a phase” or “God doesn’t make mistakes.” Leelah also pointed out that her conservative Christian parents sent her to a Christian therapist, which didn’t help matters.

In situations like this, we’ve come to expect conservative Christians jumping into the fray to offer their thoughts, usually reinforcing the problem that led to the tragedy in the first place.

Cue Michael Brown of the homophobic Christian publication Charisma. After expressing his condolences over her loss (though he doesn’t hesitate to call her a “him”), Brown reminds everyone that people can be “cured” of their transgenderism and that sex changes don’t always solve the problem:

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Alabama University Chancellor Sends Students an Email Suggesting Religion Keeps Our Democracy Functional

Yesterday afternoon, students and faculty members at Alabama’s Troy University received a strange email from Chancellor Jack Hawkins wishing them a happy new year. I was forwarded a copy of the email:

The message itself doesn’t really bother me… but let’s take a look at that video he linked to:

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