If God Exists, What Would You Say To Him?

Adam Brown acts out what an atheist would say if s/he ever found out God existed (start at the 0:45 mark): The text is by Reddit user Dexmac and you can read it here: Side note: Adam is *totally* channeling Jim Gaffigan in the video, amirite?! [Read more...]

When It Comes to God’s Existence, Who Has the Burden of Proof

QualiaSoup clearly walks us through who has the burden of proof when it comes to questions about god… and, as he always does, thoroughly demolishes the theists’ arguments in the process. [Read more...]

Catholic Priest Tries to Use Pascal’s Wager in an Online Debate; An Atheist Politely Destroys Him

Edward Tarte has been having an online debate with a Catholic priest, Father TJ. (Incidentally, Father TJ attended the same seminary Edward went to before he became an atheist.) The latest point from Father TJ is essentially Pascal’s Wager: “What if I’m right and you atheists are wrong?” I love Edward’s response because it gets [Read More...]

In Case You Wanted to Know More About the Higgs Boson…

Watch this and learn something. And by “learn something,” I mean “my head hurts from Science but it feels so good”: (via PhD Comics) [Read more...]

When Did Neil deGrasse Tyson Start Using the Arguments of Christian Apologists?

***Update***: Dr. Tyson has responded to this thread here. … This is weird for me to say: Neil deGrasse Tyson doesn’t get it. In the video below, he claims to be an agnostic… but when you listen to his reasoning, it doesn’t seem like he knows the difference between an agnostic and an atheist. [Agnostic [Read More...]