Despite His Health, Christopher Hitchens Is Still As Awesome As Ever

I missed his talk at the Texas Freethought Convention/Atheist Alliance of America convention this weekend, but it sounds like Christopher Hitchens was in excellent form even if his health didn’t match his verbal ferocity. PZ was there and said this: He was looking frail and thin, his voice was husky, but he was amazingly strong. [Read More...]

A Group for Atheists in the South

Chris Dees, the president of the Freethinkers, Agnostics, and Atheists of Mississippi State University, has put together an awesome project to help unite Southern atheists. (Wait, did we just go from no atheist groups in the state to two of them?! Awesome.) The project is called Southern Atheists United for Candid Expression, Freethought, Openmindedness, Reason [Read More...]

A Picnic for Southern California Atheists

What do you do when several college atheist groups all exist in the same region? You have a party and invite everybody! SSA affiliates from UC San Diego, UC Riverside, Cal Lutheran University, and San Diego State University are gathering at Morley Field in San Diego on November 5th and they’re inviting any students in [Read More...]

The Clergy Project: A Sanctuary for Religious Refugees

This is a guest post by Catherine D. She is a former liberal Catholic theologian with a masters degree from a well respected school of theology It was during her studies that Catherine had the epiphany that she was not a believer. … The last place you might think to find an atheist or agnostic [Read More...]

Is This an Unrealistic COEXIST Sign?

This image has been making some rounds on Facebook and found its way into my inbox: It looks like a funny response to the image until you start reading it and find out its Christian propaganda. Do Muslims want to convert or kill non-Muslims? The Koran says yes, but (obviously) most Muslims don’t accept that. [Read More...]