Mitch Albom Doesn't Get It

Following their attention-getting billboard campaign, American Atheists recently purchased overhead ribbons — meaning that planes would fly banners with their messages in 26 states this weekend. The ribbons would read “God-LESS America” or “Atheism is patriotic” followed by AA’s website URL. Mitch Albom, the columnist who wrote Tuesdays with Morrie, doesn’t get why the group [Read More...]

How Much Security Do Churches Need?

In 2011, there were several news stories about people who wanted guns to be allowed in churches. In Georgia, where guns are banned from religious establishments, one group filed a case with the 11th US Circuit Court of Appeals in order to overturn the ban. Which makes this email I received from Peter all the [Read More...]

An Atheist’s Generosity Comes Through Thanks to Reddit

Back in July, I promoted a contest at that promised $50,000 to the person who received the most votes. An atheist named Chris McCoy asked other users on Reddit to vote for him and he quickly took over the top spot, eventually winning the money: I was partly excited because it showed how powerful [Read More...]