Atheists Bus Shelter Ads Go Up in Orange County, California

The Backyard Skeptics have put up ads on 30 different bus shelters in Orange County, California (around Anaheim and Mission Viejo) and they look fantastic: Now, if only they could fix up their website… (I know, I know, who am I to talk. I’m working on it.) The entire campaign cost $8,000 — you can [Read More...]

Memo to Nick Kristof: Don’t Give Evangelicals That Much Credit

Nick Kristof has a piece in today’s New York Times regarding Evangelical Christians and doing good works. While he has the best of intentions, wanting everyone to get along, he gives Evangelical Christians far more credit than they deserve. Normally when we think of Christians, it’s the jerks, the bigots, the “blowhards” (as Kristof says) [Read More...]

For the Younger Atheists Out There

Generation Atheist is a new blog written by and for young atheists. Editor Laura explains why she started it: It can seem daunting to voice your opinions about religion in the real word, especially if you live in a predominantly theistic community. Many young people think about setting up websites or blogs to get their [Read More...]

What Is It Like to be an Atheist in the United Kingdom?

This is a guest post by John Ferguson. John is a member of the British Humanist Association, and a lifelong atheist. He is an IT professional, living in the UK with his wife and two young children. … When an American proclaims: “This is a Christian country!” he can be quickly corrected. The First Amendment [Read More...]

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Reader Alan‘s parents receive a magazine called The Banner published by the Christian Reformed Church. There’s a humor section in it and a recent issue had a compilation of silly things kids said… I’ve highlighted a few of them for you: Your call: Kids just unaware of what they’re saying? Or an early start to [Read More...]