The Unbelievers, Starring Lawrence Krauss and Richard Dawkins, Now Available to Watch Online

The Unbelievers, a documentary featuring Lawrence Krauss and Richard Dawkins as they speak about the importance of science and reason across the country, is finally available to download and watch on Amazon and iTunes:

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Egyptian TV Host Who Once Removed Hijab in Front of Muslim Cleric Kicks Skeptic Out of Studio for Doubting the Koran

It was a little over a year ago when I first heard of Egyptian TV host Riham Said. She had invited a fundamentalist Muslim cleric Sheikh Youssef el-Badri onto her show and shocked him by removing her hijab during the interview. He flipped out, but his hypocrisy was exposed since he can be seen speaking with her, sans hijab, without a problem before the show begins.

She was a hero to so many of us who watched that video.

But not anymore.

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Yahweh is the Worst, Isn’t He?

Number0neSon introduces us to one of the Bible’s worst characters: Yahweh:

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Humanism for Children: A Book for the Balkans

A group called the Center for Civil Courage is trying to publish a book about Humanism aimed at children:

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Linda Stephens, Plaintiff in Recent Supreme Case Legalizing Religious Invocations, Speaks Out

Tom Beasley of the podcast An American Atheist recently interviewed Linda Stephens, one of the plaintiffs (along with Susan Galloway) in the recent Supreme Court case that ended with religious invocations at government meetings being declared legal:

My favorite bit has to be this one:

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