Morning Prayers Are a Part of the San Antonio Police Department Daily Routine

Apparently the San Antonio Police Department conducts “morning prayer” after roll call — and then flaunts it on Facebook:

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The Protagonist in This New Graphic Novel is Trying to Evade His Religious Siblings

Eric Adams has written a lengthy graphic novel that might interest readers of this site. It’s called Lackluster World and he’s raising money for it on Kickstarter:

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Nebraska’s New State Patrol Superintendent Has a History of Proselytizing While on the Job

Brad Rice (below), the person tapped to be the next superintendent of the Nebraska State Patrol, is going to provide this site with a hell of a lot of material during his tenure.

There was already an accusation that Rice once said “women don’t belong in law enforcement,” a statement he denies.

But there’s no denying how he pushes his Christianity while on the job:

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Former Board Members of We Are Atheism Speak Out

Last week, I posted about several concerns I had regarding the group We Are Atheism. They misled donors about their non-profit status, collected tens of thousands of dollars in the aftermath of tragedies to help victims and then redirected some of that money to individuals who had no connection to the events, and lacked the sort of accountability you’d expect from a non-profit group.

We Are Atheism’s President Lee Moore issued a response to my post earlier this week.

Since then, I’ve heard from several people involved with We Are Atheism (past and present), including four former board members who wanted to issue a formal statement to explain their own experiences with the organization.

Why bother? They told me they were concerned that the WAA board is making the same mistakes it had in the past in regards to co-founder Amanda Brown‘s behavior.

Brian Fields, one of the former board members, said:

I personally had no knowledge of what happened previously, and it seems to me that any reasonable board would take all of this behavior into account in deciding what to do going forward. Given that they don’t appear to be doing so, I believe that this statement may help put public pressure on We Are Atheism to get them to do what’s necessary to fix things.

With those board members’ permission, I’m publishing their statement below (with minor edits for clarity):

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35 Years After Saying Gay People Should Die, Bob Jones III Apologizes… While At Event Opposing LGBT Rights

35 years ago, Bob Jones University president Bob Jones III (below) made this statement about LGBT individuals:

“It would not be a bad idea to bring the swift justice today that was brought in Israel’s day against murder and rape and homosexuality. I guarantee it would solve the problem post-haste if homosexuals were stoned, if murderers were immediately killed as the Bible commands.”

It wasn’t until this week that Jones, now the chancellor of the school, finally apologized for those remarks:

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