Christian Debater Gets Outwitted by a Seventh Grade Atheist

A couple of years ago, sixth-grader Chad Dehler asked a Creationist a tough question during the Q&A part of a debate and the response was a garbled mess of nonsense.

Well, Chad’s in seventh grade now and he posed another great question to a Christian philosopher his father Bernie was debating last month.

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Creationist Says Pensacola Flooding is Proof of Grand Canyon Being Carved Out in Days; Geologists Say Otherwise

There’s been some nasty flooding in Pensacola, Florida over the past few days and Creationist Eric Hovind used the tragedy to his advantage.

In a video he uploaded yesterday, Hovind is seen interviewing people whose streets have been ruined and property damaged by the erosion. Why is he talking to them? To convince viewers that if destruction like that can happen in a short time span due to the rain, then the Grand Canyon could also have been created in a matter of days due to the mythical flood in Genesis.

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After British Politician Sends Bibles to Schools, Humanist Group Sends Schools a Book for Young Atheists

In 2012, British education secretary Michael Gove sent a copy of the King James Bible to every school in England at a cost of £370,000 (about $625,000). He said religion had nothing to do with it; it was just a very historically relevant book. It’s the sort of thing GOP members would do months before every election just to prove to voters they love Jesus.

This week, the British Humanist Association decided to play his game, sending Alom Shaha‘s The Young Atheist’s Handbook: Lessons for Living a Good Life Without God to schools across England and Wales.

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Caught on Tape: Subway Preacher’s Own Argument Gets Used Against Him

Here’s an awkward situation for everyone involved: You get on the subway and a preacher begins yelling out the gospel message because he believes this is an effective way to make converts out of people. (He’s also very bad at reading everyone’s body language.)

Most people just lower their heads or look away. Because maybe if you ignore the crazy Christian, he’ll just go away.

But a couple of night’s ago, one hipster decided to engage the preacher in a debate and the team from Cult Comedy happened to be there to get it on film:

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A Compilation of Lawrence Krauss’ Best Arguments and Retorts

Lots of great stuff in this compilation of physicist Lawrence Kraussbest arguments and retorts:

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