Liberty University Will Soon Launch Its Own Medicine School

You’ll all be happy to know that Liberty University, which rejects evolution and embraces Young Earth Creationism, is a month away from launching a medical school. “The idea that we can do this with a Christian worldview — we’re not evangelizing, we’re not trying to make everybody Christian who comes here; that would be completely [Read More…]

Eruv Battle Continues in Miami Beach

The other day, I posted about eruvs (AY-roovs), the religious loopholes that allow Orthodox Jews to leave the house and carry things on the Sabbath — which they’re technically forbidden from doing — by just… extended the boundaries of their property. Which they do by tying string around government-owned utility poles and creating a larger domain within which they can move around.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation recently sent a letter to officials in Miami Beach, Florida, urging them to stop allowing the religious items on government property.

Late last week, city attorney Raul Aguila responded to the FFRF and defended the eruvs:

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This is How You Should Tweet When Your Baseball Team Runs a Promotion with an Atheist Group

On Friday night, the St. Paul Saints minor league baseball team became the Mr. Paul Aints as part of a promotion with the Minnesota Atheists, the third time they’ve partnered up.

What I didn’t realize was that the person behind the team’s Twitter account would join in on the fun:

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Bryan Fischer: The Study of Knot Formation Disproves Evolution

On his radio show yesterday, Bryan Fischer explained a new argument against evolution… and it may rival Ray Comfort‘s banana.

You know how your iPod earbuds get really tangled up no matter what you seem to do? Well, there’s research that shows when you put pieces of string in a box and shake it up, they inevitably get tangled up… and never the other way around.

And therefore, says Fischer, evolution makes no sense. The airtight logic begins around the 6:01 mark:

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Deepak Chopra: I’ll Give Atheists $1,000,000 if They Can Prove How Consciousness Works

Deepak Chopra, whose ability to vomit up big words and put them in a nonsensical order has convinced gullible people to give him tons of money, is issuing a million dollar challenge of his own:

If James Randi or Richard Dawkins or Daniel Dennett or any of the “militant New Atheists” can explain how thoughts form — how consciousness works — he’ll write you a check:

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