Mark Twain, Who Mocked the Words “In God We Trust,” Will Soon Be on a Commemorative Coin Alongside That Phrase

In 2016, Mark Twain will be featured on a U.S. commemorative coin.

That’s ironic, says Coin World senior editor Bill Gibbs, because Twain wasn’t a fan of the phrase “In God We Trust,” which will appear on his coin:

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A Vocal Atheist May Soon Be Appointed to the Los Angeles Superior Court

It’s no surprise that Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore is a Christian. He doesn’t just talk about it; he seems to put the Bible above the Constitution. So do a lot of activist judges these days.

That’s why I’m excited that Eddie Tabash (below), an atheist attorney, may soon be appointed to the Los Angeles Superior Court. Even though Tabash has debated a number of Christian apologists over the years, been a very vocal advocate for church/state separation, and chairs the Board of Directors for the Center For Inquiry, he’s not about to let his personal beliefs get in the way of following the Constitution.

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Saudi Arabian Government: The Media and International Groups Should Stop Interfering in the Raif Badawi Case

Saudi Arabia is not happy about various governments trying to free Raif Badawi (below), who may soon face the death penalty for the “crime” of “insulting Islam.” They don’t like the media criticism either.

In a statement issued today, translated into English here, the Saudi government said:

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This Student Filmed a Neat Documentary About Growing Up as an Atheist in Texas

When Candace Brand was younger, she moved from Maryland (which was fairly secular) to Texas (which is Texas), and that’s quite a culture shock when you’re an atheist.

She created a short biographical documentary for a class project about what her experience was like:

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After Reminding Students They Don’t Have to Stand for the Pledge, These Young Women Are Getting a Lot of Support

Earlier this week, I posted about three student body leaders at South Portland High School in Maine. They had caused some controversy because, while reading the morning announcements and leading the Pledge of Allegiance, they reminded their classmates that they didn’t have to participate:

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