Patrick Greene Changes His Mind About Converting to Christianity

I don’t really want to post this. The guy has received far more publicity than he deserves. But, given the circumstances, I kinda feel obligated to… I previously posted about how Patrick Greene had received donations to alleviate his poor vision from atheists and Christians, then told reporters he had been helped by Christians (and [Read More...]

Atheist Sign in Streator, Illinois Has Been Stolen

I can’t confirm this yet, but commenter Hizakigp says the sign put up in Streator, Illinois yesterday by the Freedom From Religion Foundation has already been stolen. The posts it rested on are “bent badly.” The sign in question is the yellow one in the background of the picture below: The backstory is here. Updates [Read More...]

Richard Dawkins’ Speech at the Reason Rally

Below is high-quality video of Richard Dawkins‘ speech at the Reason Rally (Dawkins starts speaking at the 10:21 mark). Sean Faircloth (Director of Strategy & Policy at the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason & Science) provides the opening act while talking about his Ten Point Vision of a Secular America. RDFRS Executive Director Dr. Elisabeth [Read More...]

Kick Your Faith to the Curb

This interview with Professor Peter Boghossian about religion is fairly entertaining: Do you think the world would be better if people didn’t use faith as a method of reasoning? Yeah, I do. My mentor said to me once, “Pete, you’d be so much better if you just didn’t do stupid shit.” That’s a lesson for [Read More...]

An Alternative View of Popular Religious Symbols

Religious symbols have different meanings to different people and Crispian Jago doesn’t hold back in his word art: There are two other images at his site. [Read more...]