Lutheran Minister Resigns After Allegedly Sending Rape Threat to Blogger

Spending as much time online as I do, I hear a lot of stories about people — usually women — talking about death threats or rape threats they’ve received online. And every time, there’s this mindset among some people that the senders are always trolls, always anonymous, always joking. That the threats are not to be taken seriously. Serious or not, it still makes me wonder what the hell people are thinking when they send a message like that.

Recently, blogger Claire Van Fossen received an email like that. It’s not just the despicable content that makes it stand out so much (unfortunately). It’s that there’s a real name attached to it. Apparently, “Dave Wendt” reacted so negatively to one of her articles that he called her names, accused her of being on drugs, and then suggested he “come over and rape” her.

If that was supposed to be a joke, I just don’t get it.

But what’s especially unique in this case is that it didn’t take much digging to discover that Wendt was a Lutheran minister.

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Ted Cruz’s First Presidential Campaign Ad Is All About the “Transformative Love of Jesus Christ”

Continuing where he left off at Liberty University, Sen. Ted Cruz has released his first presidential campaign ad set to air this weekend during the “Killing Jesus” special on Fox News Channel.

As expected (and just in time for Easter), it’s all about Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.

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Texas High School Baseball Coach Allegedly Makes Players Attend Bible Study or Run an Extra 20 Minutes

We’re so used to hearing about high school football coaches illegally leading their teams in prayer, completely overstepping their bounds and putting students in the awkward position of joining in to avoid any consequences. But this story coming out of Texas is unique in just how far the district is going to push faith on the students.

Pittsburg High School baseball coach Tommy Stewart not only conducts a Bible study with his players after practice once a week, he punishes those who don’t attend with 20 minutes of running. There’s literally a consequence for not being Christian on his team.

According to a letter to the school district from the Freedom From Religion Foundation:

We further understand that Coach Stewart shows religious videos to his players, including the movie God’s Not Dead and videos from the Kingdom Man ministry series. Additionally, we understand that the team’s official practice uniforms have the bible quote “With GOD all things are possible” printed on them, from Matthew 19:26…

According to the person who informed FFRF of the problem, this is an issue for Christians, too:

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Before You Celebrate Easter, Check Out This Infographic Showing How the Gospels Got It All Wrong

Matt Barsotti created an updated version of his popular infographic from last year, reminding everyone celebrating Easter that they might want to do a little more research regarding the Gospels…

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14-Year-Old Secular Humanist Charged with Criminal Homicide in Her Mother’s Death

Earlier this year, Craig Stephen Hicks killed three Muslim students near the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill campus. One of the storylines that developed in the case was that Hicks was an atheist — his Facebook page featured a constant stream of atheist memes — even though there’s no evidence (then or now) that his religious beliefs had anything to do with his crime.

That’s why I’m bracing myself for what people are going to say about 14-year-old Jamie Silvonek.

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