A Different Type of Scholarship Fund

Black Skeptics is announcing the creation of the “First in the Family” scholarship fund beginning this school year: $200-$500 scholarships will be awarded in June 2013 to up to ten South Los Angeles high school students of color in the Los Angeles Unified School District who will be the first in their immediate family to [Read More...]

How Liberals and Conservatives Write About Religion

Crispian Jago just gave away all the trade secrets on how religion writers — depending on whether they’re liberal or conservative — edit their articles. They just go to Microsoft Word’s AutoCorrect feature. This is what shows up for conservatives: I think he forgot the Automatic CAPS LOCK box. You can see the liberal version [Read More...]

If This is What Christian Sex Is Like, No Thank You

In case you were looking for the worst review of 50 Shades of Grey ever written, I would read Jared Wilson‘s at The Gospel Coalition. All he does is reference a passage from a Christian book by Douglas Wilson about how “perverted” the whole idea of dominance and submission is: … however we try, the [Read More...]

Radio Host: What Problems Could Atheists Possibly Have? They’re Like Trust Fund Billionaires

Syndicated radio talk-show host Joe Soucheray can’t understand why atheists in Minnesota would want to promote themselves at a ball park: I have never quite figured out what it is that an atheist intends to promote. To me, it’s got to be the easiest thing in the world to be an atheist, like being left [Read More...]

University of Nebraska – Omaha Student Challenges ‘Atheist Chicks Are Easy’ Remark

Remember how conservative radio host Scott Voorhees recently said “atheists chicks are easy“? Here’s the context from an interview he did last week with former president of the University of Nebraska – Omaha Secular Student Alliance Luke Hoffman: Hoffman: … That was why we were such a big deal on campus, because we hosted this [Read More...]