I’m Sure He’d Be a Good Salesperson

Thunderf00t and the religiousantagonist are collaborating again! The premise: Jesus visits a Christian book store and he wants a job! But didn’t the Bible say something about not turning the Father’s house into a marketplace…? I’m surprised the bookstore was his first choice. You would think an out-of-work Jesus would try to get a job [Read More...]

Brother Jed is the Centerpiece of This Awesome Group Photo

Notorious campus fire-and-brimstone preacher Brother Jed visited the University of Illinois on Friday and the Illini Secular Student Alliance members were ready for him: As if you couldn’t tell, Jed is the man in the middle with the “You Deserve Hell” poster. I love the student sign that reads: “Isn’t it interesting how God hates [Read More...]

The White House Responds to Petition to Remove ‘Under God’ from Pledge of Allegiance

Joshua DuBois, Executive Director of the Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, sent out the following email today in response to the White House petition which said “Edit the Pledge of Allegiance to remove the phrase ‘Under God.’” Thank you for signing the petition “Edit the Pledge of Allegiance to remove the phrase ‘Under God.’” [Read More...]

Introducing Mothers Beyond Belief

Noelle George has created a Facebook group for mothers to talk about parenting/pregnancy/etc from a secular perspective — it’s called Mothers Beyond Belief (and, in case you’re wondering, Foundation Beyond Belief is aware of the group’s name and fully supports it). Why join? Not that I have direct experience in the matter myself, but I [Read More...]

We’re Even Better Than #1!

Earlier today, I posted this image showing how the “religiously unaffiliated” were more supportive of same-sex marriage than any other religious demographic: Many commenters were quick to point out that the “unaffiliated” include plenty of religious “independents” — those who believe in god and who may oppose same-sex marriage for religious reasons, but who don’t [Read More...]