If You Don’t Believe in God, Does It Make Sense to Avoid the “Atheist” Label?

Neil deGrasse Tyson doesn’t believe in God. He’s said as much in interviews. However, he has also made a point of not using the term “atheist” to describe himself.

Tania Lombrozo at NPR wonders if that’s fair. If you fit the description, can you really ignore the label that comes with it?

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The Producer of The Principle, the Documentary Promoting Geocentrism, Finally Answered My Questions

Last week marked the release of a new documentary called The Principle… which is better known as the movie that claims Copernicus was wrong about the whole “Earth revolves around the sun” thing.

Star Trek‘s Kate Mulgrew is the narrator, but after finding out what the movie was really about, she distanced herself from it immediately, saying on Facebook, “I am not a geocentrist.”

Scientists like Lawrence Krauss and Michio Kaku are also featured in the movie, but they’ve made it clear they didn’t know what the movie was really about either.

So you can imagine my surprise when I received an email last week offering me an interview with the film’s producer Rick DeLano.

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Ken Ham Claims That I Believe Christ Came to Earth For Us

Ken Ham, who’s still not my friend, is unhappy with American Atheists’ recent billboard campaign:

… it’s the atheists who are destroying children’s lives by trying to force their anti-God, meaningless religion on generations of kids. People need to understand that atheists are not trying to stop children from being taught religion — they just don’t want them being taught the Christian religion, because they want to impose their own atheist religion on them.

That’s… just plain dumb. If I wanted children to become atheists, the best way to do it would be to expose them to as many religions as possible, including the most popular one in the U.S. Once they saw how similarly silly they all were, they’d want nothing to do with any of them. (At least in theory.) But there’s no need to exclude Christianity from that mix.

But here’s my biggest problem with Ken Ham’s rant.

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New Creationist Billboard Campaign Aimed at “Our Intolerant Liberal Friends”

Ken Ham is trying to drum up more publicity for his Noah’s Ark Theme Park with a new billboard campaign lovingly targeting his “intolerant liberal friends.”

Atheists and secularists do not want to see Ark Encounter built and are doing everything they can think of to stop it — including spreading blatant lies and misinformation. They do not want anyone to learn that the Bible can be trusted and that observational science confirms the Bible’s account of history. They also don’t want people to be exposed to the life-changing messages of the Bible that will be boldly presented at Ark Encounter. They especially don’t want our kids—the next generation—to hear this truth…

These attacks on Ark Encounter highlight their intolerance of religion. Secularists are trying to keep any mention of Christianity out of the culture, and this includes the Ark of the Bible. In recent blog posts and articles we’ve pointed out numerous instances of the growing intolerance toward religion, especially Christianity, throughout our culture.

A few things about that statement:

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The Bible Doesn’t Always Change Your Life as Intended…

Click over to the Far Left Side and hover your cursor over the comic to see the bonus panel :)

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