Judge Dismisses Lawsuit from Kansas Group Claiming the Teaching of Evolution in Science Class Promotes Atheism

Last year, the Kansas State Board of Education was sued for — wait for it — promoting atheism by way of evolution. I know you can’t even say the words “Kansas” and “Science” in the same sentence without laughing, but that really happened.

The group Citizens for Objective Public Education, Inc. (COPE) filed the lawsuit because they believed the new science standards adopted by the Board of Education, which included the teaching of evolution, were endorsing an atheistic worldview:

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A Conversation With Talk Nerdy‘s Cara Santa Maria

A little over a week ago, I had a chance to chat with Cara Santa Maria for her podcast Talk Nerdy. It was one of the most free-flowing and longform conversations I’ve had in a while — we spoke about atheism, math, working online, and 938423423 other things. (I also learned a *ton* about how to podcast better, because she’s a pro at it.)

You can hear our conversation here:

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Are Online Comment Threads the Best Places for Religious Discussion? These People Seem to Think So

There are Internet trolls… and then there are people who genuinely disagree with you who will comment on just about everything you write. Is there a difference?

Kimberly Winston spoke with several atheist “super-commenters” (which is a lovely euphemism) who do their best to sway opinions in the comments sections on websites like Religion News Service and Christian news sites:

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How Can Atheist Parents Celebrate the Holidays with Their Children?

Heather Henderson has a very practical guide for how atheists can still make the most out of this season full of religious holidays:

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Life After Westboro Baptist Church Has Been Tough for This Defector

Earlier this year, Zach Phelps-Roper, grandson of Westboro Baptist Church founder Fred Phelps, left the church, making him the fourth of his ten siblings to walk away from the anti-gay hate group.

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