Harlem Hate-Pastor “Debunks” Atheist Bill Maher By Saying There is an Afterlife Since We Can Leave Behind Legacies

Harlem Pastor James David Manning — who’s famous for saying coffee at Starbucks contains the “semen of sodomites” and that LGBT individuals and those who support them should get “cancer HIV syphilis stroke madness the itch then hell” — is back with a rant against comedian Bill Maher.

Manning can’t spell his name. He doesn’t even know what channel Maher’s show is on. But he knows that Maher is wrong for believing there’s no life after death… since people can leave behind legacies.

Which I’m pretty sure Maher would agree with.

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Calgary School’s Science Class Taught Kids That God, the “Greatest Scientist,” Organizes Sunrises and Sunsets

It’s not surprising to see Creationism preached in a private Christian school. But when that school — Calgary’s Glenmore Christian Academy — receives quite a bit of funding from the public, you shouldn’t see a warped science class that’s summarized like this on a report card:

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You Were Right; Salvation Lies Within

Here’s a Shawshankian Bible you might want to give that atheist friend of yours…

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When to Walk Away from a Conversation About Religion

Anthony Magnabosco has made a whole bunch of videos in which he speaks to a stranger about his or her religious beliefs for just five minutes — and then deconstructs the whole conversation afterwards. (You can see his efforts here, here, here, and here.)

But this time, he made one where he explains when it’s best to just walk away.

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This Scenario Only Makes Sense if You Believe Babies Are Born Religious

As Richard Dawkins is quick to point out, the phrase “Christian child” or “Muslim child” makes no sense — especially when applied to babies — since they never sat down, worked through their beliefs, and chose a label for themselves. It’s like saying, “That newborn is a Republican.”

Ruben Bolling goes a step further and introduces us to the tragic story of an Oregon woman who gave birth to a Hindu baby. The horror!

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