James Woods, Atheist Congressional Candidate, Has Conceded His Race

James Woods, the progressive, legally blind, condom-sending, proud atheist running for U.S. House from the 5th Congressional District of Arizona, has conceded the race.

Republican Matt Salmon will retain his seat. Salmon opposes federal funding of abortions, gay marriage, and gay adoption (despite his own son being gay). He also voted against reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act.

Woods was the only openly atheist candidate in this year’s Congressional elections.

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Susanne Atanus, Republican Who Said Autism Was Result of God’s Anger Over Gay Marriage, Loses Race for Congress

Susanne Atanus (below), the Republican who told a local newspaper that God put autism and dementia on Earth as punishment for marriage equality and abortion, just lost her bid for Congress. Incumbent Democrat Rep. Jan Schakowsky will retain her seat.

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Watch Grown Christian Men Treated Like Children As They Sing “I’m in the Lord’s Army”

I’ve often heard the critique of religion that it makes adults resort to child-like thinking… but I’ve also been to churches where adults are treated like children. The pastor tells adults to fill in the blanks in their programs with certain words, there’s a lot of call and answer like you’d see in a first-grade classroom, the congregation is asked things like “Are we a generous church?

It’s just a weird form of infantilizing people.

And it doesn’t get any stranger than this:

These are college students at West Coast Baptist College. The dean of students is leading them in singing a popular fundy children’s song. With motions.

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Vote Your Conviction, Says Baptist Church, While Giving Congregation a List of Whom to Vote For

Mid-Way Baptist Church in Raleigh, North Carolina wants its members to vote their convictions!

But just in case their members’ convictions don’t match the church leaders’ convictions, they decided to help everyone by handing out a list of candidates who happen to be of the right persuasion…

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Christian Files Lawsuit to Prevent Gay Marriage in SC… Because It Would Prevent Him from Worshiping the Lord

If this lawsuit is any indication, Christians must be done trying to fight marriage equality using anything resembling an argument.

Don Boyd seems to think that if gay marriage is legalized in South Carolina, it would prevent him from being a Christian:

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