Richard Dawkins is Still an Asset to the Atheist Movement

A couple of days ago, Kimberly Winston at Religion News Service wrote a story about whether Richard Dawkins was an asset or liability for the atheist “movement.”

The story sure makes it seem like Dawkins is a liability, with the majority of quotations coming from people who think he does a lot of damage to our cause. I’m mentioned in the piece and even I come off as critical of him:

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Alabama Atheist Opposes “In God We Trust” Plaque in Mobile County Building and Receives Death Threats on Facebook

This week, several non-Christians spoke up in front of the Mobile County Commission (in Alabama) to request they put up displays reading things like “In Reason We Trust.” It was in response to a recent vote to put “In God We Trust” on a plaque in the city’s Administration Building. Despite the pushback, the Commission denied those requests, saying only the Christian phrase would go up.

Amanda Scott, a member of the Mobile Atheist Community, was one of the people who fought against the Christian privilege:

Amanda wasn’t the only person who opposed the “In God We Trust” display, but it seemed like she was the most prominent, leading WKRG News to ask Facebook readers a question directly about her:

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I’m Sure He Looked Like That…

See if you can guess the punchline of this cartoon:

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Greek Orthodox Priest Helps Prisoners Buy Their Freedom

With all the criticism we levy at priests on this site, we’re not above giving credit where it’s due, and Greek Orthodox priest Gervasios Raptopoulos had been doing something truly wonderful for decades now.

In Greece, if you’re convicted of a petty crime (which we’ll say means you’re sentenced to less than five years in prison), you can pay a fine in lieu of going to jail. As is the case with many people convicted of things like minor drug offenses, though, they can’t afford to pay the fines.

That’s where Raptopoulos steps in:

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Once Again, Florida County School Board Candidates Grilled on Their Religious Beliefs

Remember how, last week, there was a forum for candidates running for seats on the School Board of Highlands County (in Florida)? The five candidates from District 5 all answered questions at the Avon Park Lakes Baptist Church… because that’s where public education should be debated.

This week, they held the forum for candidates from District 1. And guess what? Once again, the focus was on their religious credentials:

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