Bobby Jindal Would Make An Awful Vice President, Say People Who Support Science and Reality

Mitt Romney will soon have to pick someone to run for Vice President with him… and if he wants to appeal to his base, he pretty much has to pick the least scientifically intelligent person out there. Cue Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal — someone who probably understands science, but fights against it to score political [Read More...]

Americans United Asks Town of Frankenmuth, Michigan to Take Down Giant Cross

This is the 55-foot-tall cross resting in a city park in Frankenmuth, Michigan: The city doesn’t even pretend it’s not Christian. When it went up in 1976, mayor Elmer Simon said this: “[T]wo thousand years ago the Lord of all history established an unforgettable symbol… The simple cross of Christ assures us that life does [Read More...]

An Atheist from Aurora Reflects on the Tragedy

Daniel Florien, my Patheos colleague, lives in Aurora, Colorado. He wasn’t at the theater that night, but his account of what happened and his analysis of the aftermath deserve a few minutes of your time: … It’s comforting to think people are in a better place, that God saved lives, that Satan was behind the [Read More...]

Save the Foreskin; Save the World

This is a real thing: I like it. Anything to raise awareness about genital mutilation. Also: Hehe. CAN-FAP. (via Joe. My. God.) [Read more...]

Why Algebra is Necessary: Rebutting Andrew Hacker

I teach Geometry. I’ve taught it for years. I’ll have two sections of it this year. Probably 65 kids. Every year that I’ve taught the subject, kids have freaked out at the mere mention of the word “Proof.” Without actually knowing what they are or how to do them, they want to give up immediately. [Read More...]