Tentative Schedule (and Tips) for the Reason Rally

The tentative schedule for the day is now up on the Reason Rally website! (Notice that Bill Maher is listed as addressing the crowd via video — nifty! A lot of people have been asking about him and it’s nice to be able to say “Yes, he’ll address the crowd” even if he won’t be [Read More...]

So *That’s* How Jesus Did It…

It was Red Bull, everyone. Red Bull. Somehow, that ad is controversial… I still prefer Family Guy‘s version of Jesus’ miracles: (via Joe. My. God.) [Read more...]

‘A’ Week 2012 Is Coming Up

It’s once again time for A Week! ‘A’ Week is an online event that runs 18-24 March 2012. The idea of ‘A’ Week is simple — to raise awareness of how many people are ‘Good without Gods’ and don’t need religions to influence their lives. You take part by changing your Facebook profile picture to [Read More...]

Video of the 2002 Godless Americans March on Washington

The Reason Rally is next Saturday and it’ll feature rock stars in our movement as well as actual rock stars. Nearly ten years ago, we tried to do something similar. The Godless Americans March on Washington — yep, that was the actual name of it — took place on the National Mall on November 2nd, [Read More...]

Atheists Absent from List of Reasons Christians Leave the Church

Christian Piatt at Red Letter Christians has a list of “Seven Reasons Why Young Adults Quit Church.” He goes into more depth for each point, but here are his theories as to why young adults (“we”) turn away from the faith: We’ve Been Hurt Adult Life/College and Church Don’t Seem to Mix There’s No Natural [Read More...]