My Interview on The Humanist Hour Is Now Available

I was recently interviewed by Todd Stiefel and Jes Constantine of The Humanist Hour (the American Humanist Association’s podcast) and the episode is now available online: The discussion revolved around atheist activism, math education, and public speaking (during which I gave Todd a brief lesson in effective communication) If you get a chance to hear [Read More...]

A Fantastic Article About Atheists in Arkansas

Doug Smith wrote a cover story about local atheists for the Arkansas Times. He did his homework, too — it’s one of the most in-depth pieces you’ll ever read about Secular Americans in a mainstream publication: It’s said there are no atheists in foxholes, and that’s baloney, according to a military man we’ll call “Brad.” [Read More...]

My Frenemy, the Christian

C. R. Wiley, a Presbyterian pastor, has an article in RELEVANT (a Christian magazine) about why Christians ought to befriend atheists — and not for the sole purpose of converting them. There are several benefits, he says, to having godless friends. While his points might sound generous, the article is full of backhanded compliments. My [Read More...]

Help the Ask An Atheist Podcast Win a Local Award

The Ask An Atheist podcast is up for a local award and they need your help! They’ve been nominated for “Best Local Podcast” in Evening magazine’s Best of Western Washington — and the winner is determined by online votes… You can support them by going here and voting for them. (You have to “register” but [Read More...]

Supporting the Rhode Island ACLU and Jessica Ahlquist

One of the younger activists in our community, Jessica Ahlquist, is going to be honored at the 2011 Rhode Island ACLU Annual Dinner Celebration. Jessica is the high school student fighting to remove a religious banner at Cranston High School West. The ACLU is defending her and this dinner is a fundraiser for them. One [Read More...]