Gullible Colombians See the Face of Jesus in the Remains of a Landslide

Did the face of Jesus appear in a South American landslide?

The answer is (obviously) no. The answer is always no.

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Openly Secular Day is April 23: Can You Come Out to Just One Person?

On April 23, the Openly Secular campaign is asking you to pledge to tell one person you’re not religious:

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Utah’s Pro-Life Governor Signs Bill Approving Firing Squads for Death Row Inmates if Lethal Drugs Are Unavailable

In 2010, Utah Governor Gary Herbert (below) signed a bill charging women who arranged for an illegal abortion with “criminal homicide.” In 2012, he got behind a law requiring women to wait an unnecessary 72 hours before getting an abortion. NARAL Pro-Choice America calls him “anti-choice” while giving the whole state an “F” grade for its stances on abortion-related issues.

So look at what Governor Pro-Life did today:

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Friendly Atheist Podcast Episode 47: Wendy Thomas Russell, Author of Relax, It’s Just God

Our latest podcast guest is Wendy Thomas Russell, author of a new book called Relax, It’s Just God: How and Why to Talk to Your Kids About Religion When You’re Not Religious.

Wendy began her career as a journalist who spent years covering criminal justice. In 2008, she began writing books for and about children, including three books for the Girl Scouts. In 2011, her focus shifted to secular parenting. She now blogs on Patheos at Natural Wonderers and her new book, Relax, It’s Just God, will be released next week.

We spoke with Wendy about whether or not it makes sense to raise your child as an atheist, why the “sex talk” is easier than the “God talk,” and what she learned from the authors of other books about atheist parenting.

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Listen to This Creationist Complain About Another Creationist’s Plan of Salvation for Not Being Jesus-y Enough

You probably know that Creationist Kent Hovind (who was already in prison for tax evasion) was recently found guilty of contempt of court.

Guess who’s coming to his defense?

Pastor Steven Anderson, who thinks Hovind is just a victim of “a government that is abusive.” Immediately, he writes off the tax fraud:

[Hovind is] in prison just because of a bunch of financial, stupid tax things. It’s not like it had anything to do with him breaking any of God’s laws or anything. It’s not like he did anything wicked or immoral to be there. But he is there because of financial… reasons.

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