Lay Off on the Sikh Student Allowed to Bring a Knife Into His School

It’s always interesting to see how quickly religious rights go out the window when we’re talking about people who aren’t in the majority.

Those in the Sikh faith must carry a Kirpan (below), a small knife, at all times. In some school districts, they’ve made exceptions for these potential weapons by saying they had to be sewn into the clothes in an inaccessible way. But since it’s part of the faith, if they were to be banned, that would likely mean an end to all religious symbols (including cross necklaces), so most districts have had to figure out a way to toe the line between respecting religious symbols and defending zero-tolerance policies against weapons.

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Westboro Baptist Church Seeks to Intervene in Kansas Marriage Equality Case

Kansas is currently in the midst of a lawsuit seeking the legality of same-sex marriage, and Westboro Baptist Church is jumping into the fray:

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She Should’ve Said She Was a Methodist

Lori Potarf (below) and Richard Lee Henderson were pulled over earlier this month because of a defective tail light on their car… but cops noticed there were other reasons to have them arrested.

And Potarf was ready with a defense:

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The Problem with Tradition

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses the problem with tradition.

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Ignorant Christian Parent Furious Because His Son’s School Tried to Educate Students About Islam

It should go without saying that students need a working knowledge of the world’s major religions to understand the motivations of billions of people and the source of who-knows-how-many conflicts. That’s why the Revere Public Schools in Massachusetts make sure they teach about Christianity and Islam and other faiths.

So why is a parent in the district furious?

Because a history textbook said that Muslims believe there is no God but Allah. Which is true. And that, of course, means his son is being indoctrinated into Islam:

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