I Laughed; Don’t Judge Me

You can see the rest of the strip here (via Pearls Before Swine) [Read more...]

Point of Inquiry Does an Episode on Video

The Point of Inquiry podcast did something a little different for their most recent episode and put in on the videotubes: This episode features Michael De Dora, Ed Brayton, Jamie Kilstein, and Jessica Ahlquist. It was hosted by Chris Mooney. More of this, please! Not that there’s anything wrong with the podcast, but the more [Read More...]

After the Parachute Fall…

I like the twist (via god and son) [Read more...]

Intelligent Design Crowd Whines About Wikipedia ‘Censorship’

Intelligent Design proponents are soooooo mad at Wikipedia, calling it a “tyranny of the unemployed.” Because when editors suggest that ID isn’t credible and evolution is a theory on very solid footing, obviously, they’re just haters incapable of properly discussing science: You simply can never outlast these folks. They have nothing better to do with [Read More...]

Say It Proudly: I Am An Atheist

What an awesome video from the Secular Student Alliance at the University of Central Florida: #AtheistRollCall [Read more...]