Are Religious Ads Allowed on Halifax Transit or Not?

A couple years ago in Halifax, Nova Scotia, an atheist group had their ad rejected for being too controversial. The ad in question read: You can be good without God The Supreme Court there said that Metro Transit had no right to selectively choose which political/religious messages it allowed, so the company revised its policies: [Read More...]

Vandals Threaten Anti-Gay-Rights Group

Last year, I sent spies to an anti-gay-rights “academy” run by Americans For Truth About Homosexuality, a SPLC-certified hate group. Tonight, they’re having a banquet at the same location, the Christian Liberty Academy. Early this morning, someone threw concrete bricks through the school’s windows in an effort to stop them from holding the event. The [Read More...]

This Needs a Caption

Apparently, Kirk Cameron‘s birthday is a depressing occasion. (via Buzzfeed — Thanks to everyone for the link!) [Read more...]

God Has a Challenger

It’s about time God was up for re-election! I think I’m voting for the other guy. (via College Humor) [Read more...]

Why is This County’s Sheriff’s Office Holding a Fundraiser for a Christian Organization?

This story seems pretty innocuous — almost silly — except for one detail. In Bartlesville, Oklahoma, where a new jail will soon be open for business, the Washington County Sheriff Rick Silver is allowing local residents a chance to have a bit of fun and see the new facilities — while raising money for charity. [Read More...]