‘Not a Christian Nation’ Bus Ad Goes Up in Oregon

The Corvallis Secular Society in Oregon has just placed an ad quoting a historical document on the side of a single bus. But, somehow, you know it’s going to be controversial. The ad was designed by the Freedom From Religion Foundation and it features an abridged version of President John Adams‘s line from the 1797 [Read More...]

It Helps To Have a Supporter

You’re going to love this story from Dale McGowan. This is the beginning of what his eighth-grade daughter Erin told him the other day: “I was at the table in the cafeteria with these three other kids, and two of them asked the other girl where she went to church. She said ‘We don’t go [Read More...]

No List Will Ever Contain Us

The Thinking Atheist has the best response I’ve seen so far to Pastor Mike Stahl‘s call for a National Atheist Registry: [Read more...]

You’re Holding a What? You’re Holding it When?!

Dear Victory Family Church in Belleville, Illinois, I have some advice for you. (Yes, I’m an atheist, and no, I don’t expect you to listen. But I’ll say it anyway.) When you’re planning an event, don’t call it a “Crusade.” That word is steeped in negative religious connotations and you don’t want to be associated [Read More...]

So I Got Ahold of Jerry Buell’s Syllabus…

Jerry Buell is the teacher who was reassigned out of the classroom because of anti-gay messages he posted on his private Facebook wall (though he was “Facebook friends” with current students, which is just shady…). Even though he’s now back in the classroom, the evidence shows that Buell had no problem talking about his faith [Read More...]