That’s What You’re Afraid Of…?!

“How to keep my child…” as seen on Google AutoFill: (Thanks to @OlivawR for the link) [Read more...]

Katie Holmes: Out of the Frying Pan…

I haven’t really followed the Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes divorce story because… well… who cares. But if it’s true that Scientology was the reason she left him and she wants to return to Catholicism, then this headline from The Daily Mash, a British satirical site, is perfect “I’m starting with the Pope and all his colourful [Read More...]

Her View of the Colorado Wildfires

Kaleena Menke lives in Colorado and she has a powerful piece at the Foundation Beyond Belief blog about what the wildfires look like from her perspective: I was still in Ohio finishing up my week volunteering as a camp counselor for Camp Quest when the Waldo Canyon Fire started near my childhood home in Colorado [Read More...]

Atheists Will Enjoy These Poems (Really!)

Poet Philip Appleman has appeared on Moyers & Company a number of times over the years and there’s a collection of him reading his work on Bill Moyers‘ site. Atheists might appreciate a couple of them in particular “A Simple Explanation for Everything” (I love this one) … “Five Easy Prayers for Pagans” (from the [Read More...]

Christian Right Group: The Economy is the Reason FFRF Stopped an Invocation Prayer

The Christian Right group American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) is pissed off that officials from Henrico County, Virginia voted to stop reciting invocation prayers before their meetings. They know why the FFRF went after the officials, too: Because they were violating the principle of church/state separation of the economy. Really: In today’s lagging [Read More...]