A Couple Updates on the American Cancer Society Fiasco

No, the American Cancer Society still hasn’t come to its senses. They still refuse to recognize an atheist National Team. But at least the story is getting picked up by more media sources… The Young Turks covered it yesterday and they don’t hold back at all: Also, I taped an interview with Jon Grayson of [Read More...]

How Humanists Get It Right

This is an article by Michael Werner. It appears in the November/December 2011 issue of The Humanist. You can read other articles from this issue and subscribe to the magazine by going to their website. … A fellow humanist once asked, regarding the fact that the American Humanist Association has published three Humanist Manifestos, “Can’t [Read More...]

A Blasphemous Bake Sale in Oklahoma

Last week, the Secular Student Alliance affiliate at East Central University in Oklahoma held a Blasphemy Bake Sale! The cost for the items was your soul… or your best offer (Click on the image for a larger version) This. Is. Awesome: Cookie-pops with “dirty” words on them. “Sinfully sweet” cupcakes bearing blasphemous messages. Flying Spaghetti [Read More...]

A Secular Lobbyist Offers Advice to Young Activists

Serah Blain, a lobbyist for the Secular Coalition of Arizona, gave a short talk for the University of Chicago Secular Alliance last week and they’ve put the video up online. The audio’s a little tough to hear but a transcript is at their website. It’s good to know we have vocal activists like this working [Read More...]

Are You a Victim of Atheist Discrimination?

A writer from BBC News is working on an article about atheist discrimination in the workplace and it’d be great to tell some of our stories in the hopes that other people will understand what some atheists have had to deal with: I have seen a few stories on this site about people who felt [Read More...]