Pastor Asks: Are You a Good Person or Are You a Christian?

I know Pastor Robert Jeffress is under fire right now for calling Mormonism a “cult” — as if it’s any less cultish than, say, Catholicism — but Dr. James F. McGrath at Exploring the Matrix points out another fun little comment he made at the recent Values Voter Summit: [Jeffress] also lauded Perry’s “strong commitment [Read More...]

Why Does This Have to Be the New Yorker’s Cover?

This is the cover of the latest issue of the New Yorker: Ok, I “get” the image. I know it’s not about Steve Jobs‘ faith and that it’s about his products’ omnipresence. I know the image is a “universally understood” icon of the afterlife. Still, does anyone else find it disrespectful that Jobs, a Buddhist [Read More...]

Atheist Students Raise Money for Secular Adoption Agency

There’s good news in Illinois for those of us who support church/state separation. After our state passed the recent Civil Unions bill, state-funded adoption agencies (including religious ones) had to allow gay and lesbian couples to adopt children. Since Catholic Charities was more interested in advancing their form of bigotry instead of put children in [Read More...]

Bill Maher Talks About Mormonism on The Rachel Maddow Show

Comedian Bill Maher appeared on The Rachel Maddow Show tonight. While Occupy Wall Street was the more important topic, they (not surprisingly) got into religion — specifically, Mitt Romney‘s Mormon faith — in the second segment: Highlights: [Speaking as Romney] “Yes, I’m a Mormon. That’s different than a Christian. But what’s important is that we [Read More...]

Jessica Ahlquist on the Front Page of the Providence Journal

You all saw the front page of the Providence Journal today, right? Because it’s pretty freakin’ amazing (PDF): Paul Davis‘ cover story highlights Jessica Ahlquist‘s legal battle against Cranston High School West and how its leaders have stubbornly refused to obey the law and take down the unconstitutional Christian banner hanging in the auditorium: In [Read More...]