Who’s Your Savior Now?

Seen outside the Taste of Chicago today (click to enlarge): (Thanks to Maggie for the picture!) [Read more...]

The Evergrowing List of Annoying Christian Clichés

Christian Piatt has a terrific list (and follow-up) of clichés Christians need to stop using: “If you died today, do you know where you’d spend the rest of eternity?” No, I don’t, and neither do you. So stop asking such a presumptuous question as this that implies you have some insider knowledge that the rest [Read More...]

Indonesian Leader: Atheists Have Freedom in Our Country… Except That One Guy We Put in Jail

It’s unbelievable how out of touch with reality some people are. German Chancellor Angela Merkel recently asked the chief of the Indonesian Supreme Court about the freedom of religion in his country: “Since its inception, the Supreme Court has guaranteed the freedom of atheists and communists in this country, as long as they do not [Read More...]

Kirk Cameron: Gay Marriages Cannot Provide Health or Happiness

Kirk Cameron wants you to know he still doesn’t want gay people to have equal rights: It’s amazing how he gets though that whole video without once saying the word “gay.” He just uses the not-so-secret Christian code words of “family” and “faith”… positive language to cover up the fact that he doesn’t see any [Read More...]

After Complaints, Henrico County Drops Invocation Prayer from Meetings

After 25 years of opening their Board of Supervisors’ meetings with a prayer — often a not-so-subtle Christian one — Henrico County (Virginia) officials have decided to stop promoting religion at their meetings before they get sued: The decision was reached Tuesday evening following a closed session to address a complaint the county received June [Read More...]