Dan Barker and Jerry DeWitt in Chicago

The Ethical Humanist Society of Chicago will play host to former preachers Dan Barker and Jerry DeWitt on Saturday, May 11th:

Because this event is expected to draw a lot of people, you may want to purchase your tickets early. I’m looking forward to it! [Read more...]

Penn Secular Society Gives Away Cookies… in Exchange for Your Soul

Last Monday, members of the Penn Secular Society gave out freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies to students who passed by their table… but only if the students signed a contract transferring the ownership of their souls:

So how many students took them up on the offer? The correct answer should have been “Everybody on campus.” The actual answer was a little less than that, but not too shabby at all:

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The Christian Sermon That Public School Students Were Forced to Listen To

Last week, we found out that members of Pinelake Baptist Church in Mississippi seemingly extended the boundaries of their church to Northwest Rankin High School, where they hosted a mandatory assembly all about how students need to accept Jesus in their lives.

After not receiving a reply from administrators, the American Humanist Association’s Appignani Humanist Legal Center has filed a lawsuit against the district and the school’s principal Charles Frazier.

Even more fascinating is the plaintiff: M.B. is only 16, a junior at the high school. Because she can’t file the lawsuit herself, her 18-year-old friend Alexis Smith, a member of the AHA, is helping her out.

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Christian Student Responds to Criticism of Her Open Letter to the Anti-Gay Church

A few weeks ago, college student Dannika Nash wrote an “open letter to the church from my generation” that has since gone viral (the post has nearly 3,000 comments). The gist of it was that the Christian church is pushing young people away due to the way the institution treats gay people.

Yesterday, Michael Brown, a Christian author and radio show host, responded to Dannika in an open letter of his own, published at Charisma. The whole thing was just dripping with condescension (“Dear College Kid”) and phrases that were very holier-than-thou (“You can call this ‘BS’ or even ‘holy BS,’ but I call it beautiful truth…”)

I was ready to respond to the entire letter myself when I realized there was someone who could do a much better job: Dannika.

I asked her what she would say to Brown and her response, much like her original posting, was much more kind and generous than anything I would have written. While I was ready to tear him down, her inclination was anything but that. [Read more...]

Christian Minister Offers $1,000 to First Student Who Prays to Jesus at High School Graduation in Florida District

Last month, the St. Johns County School Board (Florida) considered adopting a policy that would let high school seniors deliver “inspirational” messages during graduation ceremonies. Inspirational, of course, is just a code word for prayer.

Gordon Klingenschmitt, a former U.S. Navy chaplain, has taken a unique approach: He’ll give money to the first student who prays to Jesus during the district’s graduation ceremony:

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