This Presidential Candidate is Only Slightly Worse Than the Current Republican Slate

Darrell Trigg wants to become the next president.

And just wait till you hear his platform for the Christian Party:

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New Poll Highlights Religious Ignorance on Scientific Issues

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses the disappointing results of a recent poll:

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High School Baseball Coach Who Led Team in Prayer Will No Longer Be Doing That, Says District

A couple of days ago, I posted about the baseball dynasty at Owasso High School in Oklahoma.

Their coach Larry Turner had led the team to multiple state titles and a perfect season last year. But a profile of Turner in a local newspaper shed light on a troubling aspect of his leadership:

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Christian Debater Gets Outwitted by a Seventh Grade Atheist

A couple of years ago, sixth-grader Chad Dehler asked a Creationist a tough question during the Q&A part of a debate and the response was a garbled mess of nonsense.

Well, Chad’s in seventh grade now and he posed another great question to a Christian philosopher his father Bernie was debating last month.

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Creationist Says Pensacola Flooding is Proof of Grand Canyon Being Carved Out in Days; Geologists Say Otherwise

There’s been some nasty flooding in Pensacola, Florida over the past few days and Creationist Eric Hovind used the tragedy to his advantage.

In a video he uploaded yesterday, Hovind is seen interviewing people whose streets have been ruined and property damaged by the erosion. Why is he talking to them? To convince viewers that if destruction like that can happen in a short time span due to the rain, then the Grand Canyon could also have been created in a matter of days due to the mythical flood in Genesis.

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