It’s Not Just a Movie! It’s My Religion!

It turns out when you replace the Jesus pitch with everything-Star Wars… it’s pretty much the same thing: (via SkobeTV — Thanks to @TimThinksThings for the link!) [Read more...]

Beth Presswood on What Makes Her Happy

Beth Presswood, one of the hosts of the Godless Bitches podcast, filmed a segment for Chris Johnson‘s multimedia book about atheists and what gives them joy and meaning in life. In the segment below, Presswood talks about the joy of her wedding and swimming with manatees (without calling any of it “spiritual”): (via The Atheist [Read More...]

FFRF Puts Up Gay-Friendly Atheist Billboard in Missouri

The Freedom From Religion Foundation just put up this billboard in Missouri with the message “Ban Marriage Between Church and State”: It comes in response to one put up by Catholic Radio reading “1 Man, 1 Woman, For Life!” In fact, the two signs are situated fairly close to each other. (Billboard wars!) Matt Gaines [Read More...]

A Dancing Thank-You From Atheist Organizations

For weeks now, Camp Quest, Foundation Beyond Belief, and the Secular Student Alliance were in the running to win a lot of money, courtesy of the Chase Community Giving Program. Thanks to your votes and your help in getting the word out, CQ and FBB won $20,000 each and the SSA came away with $50,000! [Read More...]

A Reddit Team Forms for the Light the Night Challenge

Denny Crane was one of the co-organizers of the Reddit Atheism fundraisers for Doctors Without Borders (which raised over $200,000). Since that time, the r/atheism community has grown by over 900,000 people. The question is whether we can mobilize a good chunk of them. Now, Denny is helping create a “virtual” Light the Night team [Read More...]