According to Christian Group in Florida, God Wants Bradford County to Be Hit with a Lawsuit

Remember when Community Men’s Fellowship (a Christian group) gave the city of Bradford County, Florida the gift of a Ten Commandments monument to put outside the county courthouse? American Atheists filed a lawsuit (PDF) against the county when that happened. They asked nicely first, but the county didn’t comply, so now they have 60 days [Read More...]

Foundation Beyond Belief Members Raised $42,310 for Charity Over the Past Three Months

Foundation Beyond Belief just released the results from the Second Quarter of 2012. Check out the donations — $42,310 in total given by atheists — to the following organizations: That chart doesn’t include the donations given directly to the Foundation itself. It’s the first time since we began the organization that the Poverty & Health [Read More...]

That Lady You All Keep Telling Me About Is No Longer Selling Her Soul on eBay

Since all of you have sent me the story of the “lady who’s selling her soul on eBay,” I wanted to just point out a couple of things: 1) The listing has since been yanked off of eBay. 2) Her story is really depressing and my heart goes out to her. She’s been through a [Read More...]

A Group for Terminally Ill Atheists

A reader named Chantelle was recently diagnosed with ALS. The only support group in her area met at a church and was all religious-y. So she’s curious if there are other atheists with life-threatening illnesses who may want to talk to each other. She created a Facebook group and would love to hear from people [Read More...]

Tattoos Don’t Hurt, Right…?

Todd Stiefel asked me what I would consider doing if Foundation Beyond Belief reached its goal of 5,400 total members for the Light the Night walk. (Right now, we only have 400.) I said I would grow a beard for a month. Then I remembered that I have to travel. And those aren’t a good [Read More...]