Rogue Catholic Group Vandalizes Anglican Church Billboard

St. Matthew-in-the-City church in Auckland, New Zealand is notorious for their fantastic billboard campaigns and their most recent one was right up there in terms of controversy: Not a bad visual, right? Some might say it defeats the notion of a virgin birth, but the church says the ad puts the focus on a “real [Read More...]

A Rap Obituary for Christopher Hitchens

Dan Bull, who previously wrote a rap letter to the Pope, is back with an awesome, rhythmic homage to Hitch: You can download the MP3 of that song right here. [Read more...]

The FFRF Sign Made Him Smile

Reader Erin lives in Madison, Wisconsin and took her son William to the Capitol building so they could see the FFRF sign. Turns out he’s a fan See? The truth doesn’t have to be scary! [Read more...]

How Christopher Hitchens Inspired Me to Become a Journalist

This is a guest post by Michael Tracey. He is a writer based in New Jersey and a former Secular Student Alliance group leader. *** Perhaps it was silly for me to be nervous in the moments before dialing Christopher Hitchens — he being en route to a debate that I arranged, after all — [Read More...]

More Thoughts on Christopher Hitchens

To wrap up the day, here are just a few additional links about Christopher Hitchens you might want to take a look at: As we wait for the editorial cartoons about to emerge, let’s hope none take the easy route… … Ashley honors Hitch with a proper cup of tea: … Ape, Not Monkey has [Read More...]