Starbucks’ CEO Cancels Church Speech because of Their Anti-Gay Bigotry

Yesterday was supposed to be the day that Starbucks Chairman/CEO, Howard Schultz, spoke at the (evangelical Christian) Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit. This is a summit that both Bill Clinton and Bono have spoken at before; this year, speakers include Newark Mayor Cory Booker and marketing guru Seth Godin. Admittedly, the focus is on leadership [Read More...]

Guessing a Number to Win a Cross

Dale McGowan tells a story in which his knowledge of the Bible works against him in a contest. The setup: At his wife’s (super religious) family reunion, a Baptist minister was asking everyone in the audience to guess a number to win a prize. He gave away t-shirts and pins… Then came the finale. With [Read More...]

Judge to Central Arkansas Transit Authority: You Must Display Atheist Bus Ads

Only a couple months ago, the Central Arkansas Coalition of Reason wanted to put up the following ad on 18 buses in the Little Rock area: The total cost would have been $5,620. Those ads never went up, though, because the Central Arkansas Transit Authority (CATA) and its advertising agent, On the Move Advertising, rejected [Read More...]

Seven-Year-Old May Not Get to Join Brownies Group because of God Oath

Just as the Boy Scouts of America are happy to kick you out of the organization if you’re openly atheist or gay, Girlguiding UK (their version of the Girl Scouts) is telling seven-year-old Maddie Willett that she needs to pledge an oath to God if she wants to remain in the group: The pledge reads: [Read More...]

‘Mass’ Destruction?

David Hayward points out one of the most divisive weapons we’ve ever created: The Bible isn’t the only problem, though. It’s any holy book. Or, more broadly, it’s anything dogmatic, anything that tells you “This is the Absolute Truth and anyone who disagrees is the enemy.” (via nakedpastor) [Read more...]