You Didn’t Have An Out-Of-Body Experience

While I was gone last week, Nightline ran a segment about out-of-body experiences and Bob Woodruff interviewed atheist superwoman Margaret Downey for a perspective that doesn’t involve the supernatural. She sets him straight about why those visions occur, politely counters when he brings up his own memories of a “spiritual experience,” and generally comes off [Read More...]

Brief Atheist Book Related News

Richard Dawkins‘ next book, The Magic of Reality: How We Know What’s Really True, is set to be released on October 4th: Dawkins is making a few appearances in the U.S. to promote the book in October. Stops include Miami, Houston, New York City, Virginia, and Kentucky. Check out the link for more details. … [Read More...]

The Best Young Math Problem Solver in the World Is a Girl

Remember how awesome it was that the top three finishers at the Google Science Fair were all girls? They got some well-deserved attention for that. Here’s a story that probably won’t get as much press, but it’s just as impressive considering how few women go into mathematics. At the 2011 International Mathematical Olympiad, 18-year-old Lisa [Read More...]

SSA 2011: Dave Silverman on a Fight Atheists Can Win

Dave Silverman, president of American Atheists (and recent subject of Jon Stewart‘s scorn) gave a talk at the Secular Student Alliance 2011 conference that earned him a standing ovation and got the audience energized about being activists. It’s about how our “movement” will ultimately succeed no matter the opposition and how it is vital that [Read More...]

Woman with a Mancard: My Night at Kirk Cameron’s Marriage-Strengthening Event

This is a guest post by Annie Thomas. Annie is a science teacher and writer from Gainesville, Florida. She attended this event at my request and donated the ticket reimbursement to Atheist Nexus. *** The Hare Krishnas on University Avenue chanted and drummed as I started my hour drive south. I drove past the Islamic [Read More...]