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Every now and then, the writers on this site will be working on a post about, say, the difference between the geology of the Grand Canyon versus city streets… and we realize it would be great if we could talk to atheists who actually study that subject! Maybe we want to quote you in the post. Or (more likely) we just need to ask you a question about geology in general.

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Vatican Tells Australian Commission That It Won’t Provide All Documents in Child Sexual Abuse Investigations

Here’s the right way for the Vatican to handle accusations of sexual abuse against Australian priests: They’re accused of doing WHAT?! We’ll give local authorities anything they need to assist with their case. We don’t condone child sexual abuse in any way, and if the accused priests really are guilty, then the children and their families affected by this deserve no less than our full cooperation.

And here’s what the Vatican actually did:

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Foundation Beyond Belief Announces Q3 2014 Slate of Charities

The Foundation Beyond Belief has just announced its five beneficiaries for the new quarter — each charity will likely receive several thousands of dollars, courtesy of atheist donors:

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Judge Rejects Claim That Anti-Christian Comedy Clips Played at Gay Bar Created a Hostile Work Environment

If you ever visit Boystown, a part of Chicago where a lot of LGBT people live, you’ll undoubted pass by a bar called Sidetrack. It’s a video bar that features events like Show Tunes nights and 60s/70s music nights.

They also have a Comedy Video night where they play clips that would be entertaining for a predominantly gay male crowd. Like the pre-South Park film The Spirit of Christmas which features Jesus fighting Santa Claus:

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This is What a Christian Revival Looks Like When People Don’t Know How to Play Along

You’ve seen those clips of preacher/scam artist Benny Hinn touching gullible people on the forehead, sometimes forcefully, so they fall over backwards. This, apparently, heals their wounds and releases the demons within:

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