‘God Said’ by Anthony David

Singer Anthony David was listening to Pat Robertson explain how the “earthquake in Haiti was because of a curse from God” and that compelled him to write a song called “God Said.” I’m not one of those who claims that religion is the ONLY thing that causes all of the wars and bloodshed, but it [Read More...]

A Few More Thoughts That Are Sure To Be Uncontroversial

I know you’re sick of this by now, but I need to get my own thoughts cleared up and it helps me to write them down. So there you go. I had said before Elevator Guy was a creep. I’m now convinced that was a poor choice of words because that gets him off easy. [Read More...]

Responding to Christians' Questions

A lot of Christians offered their questions for me on my friend Rachel Held Evans‘ site, and my answers are now posted there. If you think your responses would have been better than the ones I gave, feel free to leave them on her site. [Read more...]

Let's Not Forget Our Secular Founding Fathers

Jeffrey Weston reminds us that our country’s founders had very secular views about the world, regardless of the bile David Barton likes to spew (click image to enlarge): (Clemens is a character in the strip.) On a similar note, Rob Boston of Americans United also offers a few quick reasons we’re not a Christian nation. [Read More...]

Mitch Albom Doesn't Get It

Following their attention-getting billboard campaign, American Atheists recently purchased overhead ribbons — meaning that planes would fly banners with their messages in 26 states this weekend. The ribbons would read “God-LESS America” or “Atheism is patriotic” followed by AA’s website URL. Mitch Albom, the columnist who wrote Tuesdays with Morrie, doesn’t get why the group [Read More...]