Court Rules Against Christian Who Left His Pets’ Healthcare to God

I don’t do pets. I dislike animals. Especially cats (I’m horribly allergic). And supposedly “cute” dogs, too: Even I would agree, though, they have a right to be cared for properly. In Texas, they have animal cruelty laws that say (among other things) if you don’t take care of your pet, you’ll be subject to [Read More...]

This is Biblical Morality?

When QualiaSoup talks about morality, it’s hard not to pay attention: The first video in the Morality series was equally terrific. [Read more...]

These Atheist Billboards in Brazil Get Right to the Point

Wanna know the difference between the USA and Brazil? Our atheist billboards read things like “We can be good without god” and “Have doubts? So do we.” Harmless. A gentle ribbing. Somehow, still a cause for a lot of controversy, but not offensive at all. In Porto Alegre, Brazil, they go right for the knockout [Read More...]

Last Chance to Vote Against God in Ohio

For a while now, we’ve known about how Ohio’s Secretary of State Jon Husted is holding an online poll to select the “I voted” sticker that will be offered this November. Two of those stickers feature the state’s motto “With God, All Things Are Possible.” With only a week left until voting closes, one of [Read More...]

Priest: Stop Calling That Religious Symbol a Religious Symbol!

For some reason, ABC News invited Father Edward Beck and Rabbi David Wolpe to comment on the World Trade Center Cross controversy and Texas Governor Rick Perry’s Prayer Rally. In other words, they brought on two religious people to debate the lawsuits… and not a single atheist was there to counter them. That’s ABC News’ [Read More...]