Christian Megachurch Pastor Casually Says “Nigga” During Christmas Eve Sermon

I know Christian pastors aren’t coming to this site for advice on how to give sermons, but I’ll go ahead and toss this little nugget out there:

Don’t say the word “Nigga” in a sermon.

Especially not when you’re a white pastor trying to sound hip. During a presumably crowded Christmas Eve service. In South Carolina.

Especially not after you just explained to your congregation (at the 28:20 mark) that your wife, who has a black-sounding name, is really white (“I have to say that because we have new people [in the church]”)… because that’s a clarification that you really need to make.

In other words, don’t do what NewSpring Church Pastor Perry Noble did:

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Another Atheist Caught in Case of Serial Plagiarism

Avicenna Last is the pseudonym for a doctor living in India who writes for Freethought Blogs at a site called “A Million Gods.” For the most part, his site has gone under my radar, though I’ve always been aware of it because, you know, there just aren’t that many brown atheist bloggers out there.

But last night, it was brought to my attention that there are numerous examples of plagiarism on his site. I could forgive someone — especially someone who lives in a foreign country — for making that mistake once or twice.

There are possible, plausible explanations, too: Maybe you intended to “blockquote” something and forgot to do it. Maybe you copied something into your notes as you were writing a post and then forgot to delete it (or later assumed it was your own writing).

But when it happens repeatedly, to the extent that I’ve now seen it happening, it’s not an accident. It’s a serious problem. It’s a problem we dealt with just a couple of months ago with CJ Werleman.

Brace yourself.

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Physicist Sean Carroll Explains Why There’s No Life After Death

Last October, physicist Sean Carroll received the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s “Emperor Has No Clothes Award,” given to someone not afraid to speak the truth about a subject others are misinformed about. His acceptance speech just went up online and it’s a joy to watch:

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Please Support the Work I Do Through This Site

I’ve posted this in the past. If you’ve already responded, there’s no need to do it again. Thanks!

Over the past couple of years, what began as a personal blog has turned into a hub with several contributors and multiple posts per day. As always, I’d like to continue expanding the reach of this site. That entails bringing on additional contributors with different voices, including more guest posts from people who can offer interesting and different perspectives, creating more YouTube videos, and making the podcasts sound more professional.

In order to facilitate all of this, I’ve created a page at Patreon.

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She Gave Up Her Religion and Gained So Much More

Amy Cools grew up Catholic and shed her faith later in life. In a fantastic essay, she talks about how she finally left her bubble and what it taught her:

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