Florida Police Department Sued After Holding Christian Prayer Vigil to Fight Crime

A couple of months ago, Chief Greg Graham of the Ocala Police Department in Florida posted an unusual letter to the department’s Facebook page. Co-signed by community development director for the Ocala/Marion County Family YMCA Narvella Haynes, the letter called for public prayer to help stop crime:

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A Christian’s Letter to the Editor Discusses the Problem with Women in Elected Office

Willard C. Holt Sr. is very unhappy with the direction his county is going in, and he wrote a letter to the editor earlier this month which was published in The Newport Plain Talk. (Because writing a letter to a newspaper is how we solve all our problems these days.)

The only reason I mention it here is to point out that this guy is real. He exists and he holds these views.

He’s very upset, for example, that stores are allowed to sell alcohol:

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“Don’t Believe in God? You’re Not Alone!” Bus Ad Goes Up in Missoula, Montana

If you’re around Missoula, Montana over the next month, keep a eye out for this bus ad placed by the Missoula Area Secular Society:

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Creationist Mother “Debunks” Evolution Exhibit at Chicago’s Field Museum

Earlier this month, self-described “homeschooling, Tea Partying, conservative mother” Megan Fox (not that one) visited Chicago’s Field Museum of Natural History. Then, with her video camera on, she “audited” the “Evolving Planet” exhibit which documents “4 billion years of life on Earth.”

Her 30-minute video hilariously displays her scientific ignorance. The worst part is that she’s so damn confident she’s right. (Did I mention she home-schools her children?)

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Grace for an Atheist Thanksgiving

This is a guest post by Kate Cohen, who blogs at KateCohen.net. She has also written for Slate and the Washington Post.

As an atheist, I have always loved Thanksgiving. It’s the perfect holiday: national but not nationalistic, it celebrates consumption but not consumerism (and it seems people want to keep it that way). And it provides all the benefits of a religious holiday (food! family! fellowship!) without reference to a Supreme Being.

Or so I thought.

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