Turns Out the Christian Trolls at the “Freedom From Atheism Foundation” Are Lying About Even More Than We Thought

We’ve posted a couple of times about the “Freedom From Atheism Foundation” on this site. It’s a group that rips off FFRF’s name and is basically a couple of Christian trolls.

Philip Rose looked into some of the claims on their website, including calling up the groups that supposedly endorse FFAF, and found that — surprise! — it’s all bullshit.

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Door-Holding Christian Throws a Hissy Fit in Fast Food Restaurant After Employees Don’t Thank Him

I’m pretty sure that if you’re a Christian trying to do something nice for people… and it leads to you screaming in a restaurant (full of children) that you’re a “fucking Christian [who has to] stand up for fucking Christians,” you’ve defeated the purpose of whatever it is you were trying to do.

Like this guy at an In-N-Out Burger in Redding, California:

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Alabama County Commission Gives $3,000 Grant to Support Baptist Ministry for Men

The Covington Baptist Association in Alabama has a simple strategy for success: “Get more men to church.” Because if they can get the men, they figure, the rest of the family will follow suit. That’s why they’re bringing in manly speakers like former wrestler Ted “The Million Dollar Man” DiBiase and Bow Hunter (it’s a thing) Scott Vernon.

Oh, they’ll also throw in a free steak if you attend.

While all of that is… um… great, there’s a bigger problem at hand. The Covington County Commission (below) is giving the group $3,000 in taxpayer money to support the ministry.

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Houston Mayor, Under Pressure from Christians, Rescinds Subpoenas of Pastors

Weeks after attorneys for the city of Houston subpoenaed five local pastors to find out if they had said anything to their congregations that might have violated the law, Mayor Annise Parker is rescinding that request.

Part of it is due to false outrage stemming from ignorant Christians who assumed this was some sort of coordinated attack on their religious rights. While subpoenas of this sort are par for the course in the early stages of a legal battle, Christian leaders were quick to play the victim card, saying the government (including the lesbian mayor) was trying to silence pastors from speaking out against homosexuality. Which is completely not true, but it’s not like the facts matter to people hell-bent on promoting an agenda.

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Pat Robertson: Brittany Maynard Shouldn’t Kill Herself Because “God Can Heal Anything”

Brittany Maynard (below) is the 29-year-old with brain cancer who has chosen to kill herself in a few days so that she can die with dignity before the disease takes away everything that she believes makes life worth living.

Pat Robertson commented on her story last night — you know you were waiting for his opinion — explaining how she should totally not kill herself because God will heal her… and how her decision is just a symptom of death-loving liberals:

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