A Catholic Hospital Argues That Fetuses Aren’t People

Catholic hospitals have a bad reputation among people who understand how they work — and they deserve it. They don’t perform abortions (even to save the life of the mother, as we saw in the case of Savita Halappanavar), they’re awful about dealing with ectopic pregnancies (PDF), they don’t perform tubal ligations or vasectomies… it makes you wonder why they want to be in the health care field in the first place.

But the overriding idea behind those things I just mentioned is that every sperm is sacred and a fertilized egg is treated just like an actual child.

However, a lawsuit against a Catholic hospital has pushed the hospital to go against its own beliefs and say that fetuses aren’t children. [Read more...]

Penn Jillette on Questioning What You Really Want to Believe

In the clip below, Penn Jillette talks about his bullshit detector: [Read more...]

Video of My Talk Introducing The Young Atheist’s Survival Guide

Last June, I gave a talk at the FreeOK Conference in Tulsa, Oklahoma about The Young Atheist’s Survival Guide (before the book had a title).

It’s an expanded version of some of my similar talks online and Seth Andrews and his team did a great job of putting the video together. Hope you like it! [Read more...]

Christian Right Leader: ObamaCare Leads to a ‘Hitler-Kind of Killing Machine’

We already know the government gave $542,400,000 in funding to Planned Parenthood last year. That money paid for cancer screenings, STD/STI tests, contraception… and not abortions (since those are not funded by the government).

Liberty Counsel founder and Religious Right spokesbigot Mat Staver not only ignores that reality entirely, he’s making the claim that Obama (and Congress and liberals and everyone else, pretty much) is just like… well… take a look (beginning at the 7:00 mark):

You can also read it for yourself: [Read more...]

Darwin Day Resolution Introduced in Congress

Yesterday, Rep. Rush Holt (D-NJ) submitted a resolution “[e]xpressing support for designation of February 12, 2013, as Darwin Day and recognizing the importance of science in the betterment of humanity.” [Read more...]