Stephen Colbert Goes After American Atheists’ Lawsuit Against 9/11 Cross

Last night, Stephen Colbert tackled American Atheists’ lawsuit against the National September 11 Memorial and Museum and its exhibit featuring a Christian cross.

And much like Jon Stewart‘s skewering of the same issue back in 2011, Colbert’s segment was heavy on mockery but empty on substance:

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Sitting in on a Meeting of Courageous Pakistani Atheists

Mina Sohail met up with a group of atheists in Lahore, Pakistan and shares their stories at Tablet. What’s striking is how all of them refuse to be identified by their full name — they don’t want to face any punishment — yet their Facebook group continues to grow:

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We Send Ourselves To Hell… Right?

DarkMatters2525 presents a rebuttal to the Christian saying that God doesn’t send us to Hell; we send ourselves to Hell! (NSFW violence)

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It’s All About Perspective…

I swear this has a relevant ending:

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If the Dog Doesn’t Die, God’s Plan Will Be Ruined!

Just wait till you see how God’s Plan works

If there really is a Plan, then God is one wicked character. Thankfully, there isn’t, and we’re all better off because of that.

(via Pie Comic and Exploring Our Matrix)

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