The Yearly Cost of Religious Tax Exemptions: $71,000,000,000

We know churches get tax exemptions, but how much money does that actually come out to? University of Tampa professor Ryan T. Cragun along with students Stephanie Yeager and Desmond Vega ran some calculations and figured out a number: While some people may be bothered by the fact that there are pastors who live in [Read More...]

Bob Jones University Has a ‘Don’t Ever Badmouth Us In Public’ Policy

The 2012-2013 student handbook for Bob Jones University is out and if you’d like to see a glimpse of what life is like for the most conservative of all conservative Christians, you’ll want to check out these excerpts… … When it comes to music, headphones are banned. Big Brother has to know what you’re listening [Read More...]

I’m Appearing on CNN Tomorrow…

These things are subject to change barring breaking news, but if things go as planned, I’m going to appear on CNN Saturday night at 7:00 (ET) to talk about the future of religion. Jesse Galef will be there as well! I’ll post video here afterwards, but my Twitter account will give you the behind-the-scenes experience [Read More...]

When Atheism and Math Collide…

My friends Eric and Rose have a website called The Coming Out Godless Project where they post stories about people who have left their faith. They also sell really awesome shirts on Zazzle. Last week, I suggested a few math-themed shirts that I’d love to see… and they designed them If you get one, wear [Read More...]

Girl Survives Complicated Surgery… So Guess Who’s Getting Credit?

A three-year-old girl named Emily Thomas has had major health problems her whole life, but things got worse this month: At 10 days old, baby Emily suffered a stroke as a result of an MRSA staph infection that spread to her blood. She was left legally blind, brain damaged and with cerebral palsy. … About [Read More...]