Let’s Hope God Never Becomes a Firefighter…

… because if he ever does become one, we’re all screwed: (via DarkMatter2525) [Read more...]

How Will Tammy Duckworth Represent Atheists?

Tammy Duckworth (a Deist) is running for Congress in the same Illinois district as Tea Party-backed Joe Walsh, who was discussed on this thread. Jacob Kramer of the National Atheist Party was at a Town Hall meeting for Duckworth Wednesday night and asked her how she would represent her atheist constituents should she be elected: [Read More...]

Atheists’ Political Holy Grail

My friend Paul Fidalgo has written a Kindle-only book called “Under the Stained Glass Ceiling: Atheists’ Precarious Place in Modern American Politics.” (The title is self-explanatory.) One of the chapters from the book discusses the prospect of an atheist getting into the Oval Office and Paul was kind enough to let me reprint it here [Read More...]

Deepak Chopra Just Got a High Score

(via Calamities of Nature) [Read more...]

Full Page Newspaper Ad Asks People to Pray for Hockey Team

As I write this, here are the current NHL standings: If you look near the bottom of the list, you see the Montréal Canadiens. In 11th. Their playoff hopes don’t look great since only the top 8 teams get to go into the postseason and they’re quite a ways back in the points column, so [Read More...]