Mid Ohio Atheists Adopt a Highway

The Mid Ohio Atheists (in Mansfield) recently adopted a two-mile stretch of highway — Interstate 71, between mile markers 166 and 168 — and they recently did their second cleanup: It took about 3 hours to do the cleanup and get everyone back off the interstate. Many of us went to a local fast food [Read More...]

Hypocrites Much?

(via Reddit) [Read more...]

Canadian Grocery Stores Are Awesome

It’s like I’ve been telling American grocery stores for years: If you want to bring in atheist customers, you have to put the Kids next to the Bacon, like they do in Canada. In case you’re wondering why they put the Wieners next to the Kids… well, Catholics priests go shopping, too. (ZING!) (Thanks to [Read More...]

There’s Bacteria on the Cracker; Must Be a Miracle!

A Catholic priest molests a little boy and the Church sits on the issue for years. A communion wafer turns red and they’re on it faster than you can say “cracker.” The story is that a consecrated wafer fell on the floor. They placed it in water. But it didn’t dissolve. Instead, it turned red. [Read More...]

An Evolution-Related Victory for Texas Schoolchildren?

It’s not often I get to say that, but the Texas Board of Education just approved “scientifically accurate high school biology textbook supplements from established mainstream publishers” by a unanimous vote: On Friday, the 15-member elected board voted 14-0 (with one absent) to approve the list of electronic supplements, with two biology textbook publishers agreeing [Read More...]