Saudi Arabia Commission Supposedly Calls for the Arrest of Atheist Bloggers, Though It’s Already Happened Before

Last year, 30-year-old Saudi Arabian blogger Raif Badawi was punished for starting a progressive website that called for, among other things, religious tolerance and women’s rights. That was insulting to Islam, said his critics. He was sentenced at the time to seven years in prison and 600 lashes.

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Did a High School Student Really Get Suspended for Responding to a Sneeze with “Bless You”?

Yesterday, Kendra Turner, a student at Dyer County High School in Tennessee, claimed on Facebook that she was sent out of the classroom for saying “Bless You” after a student sneezed:

In subsequent emails with bloggers online, she elaborated on what happened:

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Students Walk Out on Lecture About Memes When Religion is Used as an Example

Susan Blackmore, author of the book The Meme Machine, was giving a lecture recently at the Oxford Royale Academy to a group of 17-18-year-olds.

Since she was talking about memes, the subject of religion was inevitable, and that’s where the problems began:

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Frustrated Christian May Not Pick Up Roadside Trash Anymore Because Atheist Group Adopted That Stretch of Land

The Tallahassee Atheists recently “adopted” a nearly-two-mile stretch of road in Leon County, volunteering to periodically clean it up. It’s just a great community service project.

On Sunday, though, they received a strange complaint from a Christian who also picks up garbage on the road but may stop doing it.

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This Comedian Has a Brilliant Proposal for the Westboro Baptist Church So They Don’t Picket Robin Williams’ Funeral

You may have heard by now that Westboro Baptist Church plans to protest at Robin Williams‘ funeral. (Because Jesus.)

Anyway, Australian comedian Adam Hills, who hosts the UK show The Last Leg, doesn’t want them to ruin the funeral so he made them a brilliant counteroffer:

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