Girl Survives Complicated Surgery… So Guess Who’s Getting Credit?

A three-year-old girl named Emily Thomas has had major health problems her whole life, but things got worse this month: At 10 days old, baby Emily suffered a stroke as a result of an MRSA staph infection that spread to her blood. She was left legally blind, brain damaged and with cerebral palsy. … About [Read More...]

Another Church Sex Scandal… but It’s Not What You’re Expecting

A nine-year-old was molested by a church leader many years ago. The church knew about it, but kept it a secret. The victim is now 26. It’s taken that long for this case to run its course. But the church leader was found guilty of the abuse and the church was found guilty of covering [Read More...]

Jesus’ Letter to Joseph

Who knew Jesus wrote a letter to Joseph?! You were a pretty good stepdad to me over the years so I think it is time I told you the truth — the truth about my father. As you know, you’re not my father. But what you don’t know, and what none of my followers know, [Read More...]

The ‘Julea Ward Is a Christian Bigot’ Act Passes in Michigan

Remember Julea Ward? She was the graduate student in counseling at Eastern Michigan University who refused to treat a suicidal gay student because her Christianity prevented her from “helping him feel better about himself.” Thankfully, a judge dismissed her case in 2010, saying that EMU was right to kick her out of their grad school [Read More...]

Sean Faircloth’s Speech at Rock Beyond Belief

Sean Faircloth, author of Attack of the Theocrats! How the Religious Right Harms Us All — and What We Can Do About It spoke at Rock Beyond Belief in March and video of his talk is now online. In it, Faircloth addresses the multimillion dollar “Spirituality Fitness Test” imposed by the U.S. Military: As always, [Read More...]