Hindu Diners Should Drop Lawsuit Against Indian Restaurant That Accidentally Served Them Meat

I’m vegetarian. And I love Taco Bell. And this is a conversation I’ve honestly had at the drive-thru: Me: I’d like a BEAN burrito. Taco Bell Guy: Anything else? Me: A Mexican Pizza… but with BEANS instead of beef. Taco Bell Guy: Anything else? Me: An order of cinnamon twists. Taco Bell Guy: You want [Read More...]

Dexter vs a Religious Killer

I don’t watch Dexter, but reader Derek points me to the Showtime trailer for Season 6, in which Dexter encounters a man who killed his own wife. The man has a Jesus tattoo on his chest. How does he reconcile the tattoo with his crime? “God forgives us… You cannot kill me, because God is [Read More...]

Every Atheist vs Theist Debate in a Nutshell

The Blonde Nonbeliever offers a synopsis of just about every conversation between a theist and atheist… featuring Homer Simpson as the theist: Atheist hints at nonbelief during some random conversation. Theist picks up on it, smells an opportunity, and bites. Theist, with a kind, approachable smile, gently inquires about Atheist’s beliefs. Atheist either dodges and [Read More...]

Results from the Ideological Turing Test

Remember that Ideological Turing Test I posted about a couple weeks ago? Leah at Unequally Yoked asked a group of 15 people (a mix of Christians and atheists) to answer a number of questions about god and religion. It was up to readers to decide which was which. Could we figure out which answers were [Read More...]

The Corpus Christi Butterfly

Reader Radek from Poland (supposedly, an overwhelmingly Roman Catholic country) tells this story: … Poles celebrate a holiday in June called Corpus Christi. It might not be as popular in the US, but here, traffic is banned in whole towns for hours because of the processions. These ‘parades’ can be very loud, take up police [Read More...]