The Good News is That Fewer Americans Than Ever Before Want Daily Prayer in Public Schools…

… The bad news is that 61% of Americans still want daily prayer in public schools.

That’s according to a new poll from Gallup:

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How Did This Christian Monument in Front of a Georgia High School Get There in the First Place?

If you were to visit the newly-renovated Madison County High School in Danielsville, Georgia, you’ll inevitably come across a monument on school grounds… full of references to the Christian God:

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On Being An “Accommodatheist”: A Response to Jerry Coyne

This is a guest post written by Steve Neumann. Neumann is a writer, teacher, and philosophile.

We know that crows are very smart birds. And we know that they need to eat to survive, obviously. But when a crow plucks a helpless chick from a robin’s nest and carries it away as lunch, we condemn him for doing so — we feel repulsed. However, when a crow figures out that dropping heavy cubes into a narrow jar raises the level of water inside so he can get a worm to eat, we praise him and call him a genius — we even admire him.

For me, the New Atheism in America has become like that first crow, going after the easiest prey. That’s why I recently wrote an article for Salon called “Cut it out, atheists! Why it’s time to stop behaving like Bill Maher and Richard Dawkins.” In it, I issue what I call “The Atheist Positivity Challenge,” the purpose of which is to “draw attention to two things: The fact that gloating about the lunacy and misdeeds of specific Christians is not only unnecessary, but probably counterproductive; and the need to rehabilitate the reputation of atheism in America.”

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I Don’t Know Who Phil Fish Is…

… but I know a hell of a lot of Phil Fishes.

Watch the video or read the transcript. It’s worth it.

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This Condensed Version of God’s Not Dead Highlights the Anti-Atheist Caricatures

If you haven’t seen God’s Not Dead yet… well, you definitely won’t want to after you see this condensed version with helpful subtitles:

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