Swan Pride

Here’s a terrific music video with an even better message: Support marriage equality. The band, Bye June, conveys the message via shadow puppets and swans. The obstacle to the swans’ love? Not a surprise… The lead singer/songwriter, Gil Kline, said this about the video: “I wrote this song because my cousin is in 10 year [Read More...]

The Truth Doesn’t Always Set You Free

Julian Baggini, writing for the Financial Times, has a fascinating article on how hard atheists have it in certain parts of the country. Besides being unable to go public about their beliefs out of fear of losing their job or their relationships with family members, running for public office and finding a counselor when you’re [Read More...]

Pleasuring God with Your Mouth

Watch this and *try* not to convert to Christianity. I dare you. How many Christian lies begin with the words, “I know a true story…”? (via Cynical-C) [Read more...]

Do You Believe in Secular America?

I don’t know who Jared Scheib is, but if the simple-yet-powerful video below is any indication, can we get him to design all of our billboards, too? That’s one of the seven videos selected by the Richard Dawkins Foundation as a finalist in their “Ten Point Vision of a Secular America” contest. Winner gets two [Read More...]

Fitness Model Loves Jesus… and Gets Praised Because of It

Below is video of Anna Watson. She’s a cheerleader from the University of Georgia and she’d like to become a fitness model. Also, she loves the Jesus. video platform video management video solutions video player Reader Todd asks the same question that came to my mind as I watched the clip: I give the young [Read More...]