This Arizona News Station Found Only One Pastor Willing to Appear on TV to Speak Out Against Marriage Equality…

A local ABC reporter in Arizona was asking locals what they thought about gay marriage recently… and she found a couple people who just shrugged it off like it was no big deal, which is the right reaction.

Most pastors, who oppose marriage equality, refused to go on camera. (Were they ashamed? Because they should be.)

But the reporter found one pastor willing to talk to her.

Take a guess… Then watch:

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Former Marine Banned from Daughter’s High School After Making Threats Regarding History Unit About Islam

Remember last week when a parent flipped out because his son was learning about Islam in history class?

It’s happening again.

This time, Kevin Wood, a former Marine, was furious because his daughter was being educated about Islam at La Plata High School in Maryland. And how dare she learn about what more than a billion people believe?!

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I Owe an Apology to the Freedom From Atheism Foundation, Though They’re Not Completely Off the Hook

The other day, I posted a video that tore apart a group called the “Freedom From Atheism Foundation.” I’ve had issues with some of the things they’d done in the past, so when I saw the video, it just seemed to fall in line with the thoughts I already had about the group. Because of that, I didn’t bother to check out the claims for myself… which is especially careless since I often tell other atheists to do the same thing.

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Young Atheist Gets Youth Pastor Banned from Middle School After He Preached to Her During Lunch

Tim Saffeels volunteered at Straub Middle School in Salem, Oregon, meaning he supervised during lunch periods, reminded students to clean up after themselves, and served as a role model during his time there.

Last week, he sat near a group of students, including one who attended Salem Heights Church, where he serves as youth pastor. The subject naturally drifted to religion. He should’ve stopped the conversation there, but (of course) he kept it going.

Shit really hit the fan when a student told him she didn’t believe in God:

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The Importance of Secular Forgiveness

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses the importance of secular forgiveness.

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