Port Authority of Allegheny County Owes Atheist Groups $60,000 in Settlement After Rejecting Its Bus Ads

More than two years ago, the United Coalition of Reason offered to pay $5,700 to the Port Authority of Allegheny County (in Pennsylvania) to put up 12 king-sized bus ads over the course of a month to advertise the newly-formed Pittsburgh Coalition of Reason.

The Port Authority said yes… at first. But just as the ads were about to run, they changed their minds, telling United CoR that the text of the ads — “Don’t believe in God? You are not alone.” — didn’t comply with the company’s ad policy.

In November, United CoR filed a complaint in a U.S. District Court:

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GOP Faith Outreach Director Wonders How Any Religious Believer Could Vote for a Democrat

Former South Carolina GOP chairman Chad Connelly (below) is the Director of Faith Engagement for GOP Faith, a new outreach campaign to reach out to conservative Christians… because that’s a demographic the Republican Party just hasn’t been able to crack yet.

During an appearance on Sandy Rios‘ American Family Radio show on Monday, Connelly made it very clear that GOP Faith is a very narrow campaign indeed, since he finds it inconceivable that anyone who believes in God could even vote for a Democrat:

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FFRF to Run Full-Page Ad in Tomorrow’s New York Times Slamming Hobby Lobby Decision

The Freedom From Religion Foundation will run a full-page ad in the front news section of tomorrow’s New York Times to protest the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision:

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Once Again, Louisiana Sheriff Will Lead Christian Rally on Fourth of July

Last year, the Bossier Sheriff’s Office in Louisiana lost $15,000 in federal funding for its Young Marine Program. On the surface, the program sounded great, promoting the “mental, moral and physical development of its young recruits.”

The problem was that it was a religious program, emphasizing “the love of God and fidelity to our country,” subjecting members to a Young Marine Obligation to not disgrace or dishonor God, and having students sign on to a Young Marine Creed that included: “Keep myself clean in mind by attending the church of my faith.”

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Mississippi’s New State Seal is a Slap in the Face to Atheists

See if you can spot the new addition to Mississippi’s state seal:

That’s the seal that Governor Phil Bryant pushed for during his State of the State address earlier this year:

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