God’s Not Dead 2 Will Be Out Next Year, Says Studio Head

The movie that featured a comical caricature of an atheist college professor will soon be resurrected:

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Church Sign of the Day

Here’s some unsolicited advice for church leaders in southern Missouri, where this picture was taken:

Have some teenagers proofread your signs. It’s for the best.

(via Anna Nimity)

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Amy Poehler’s Next Show May Be About an Agnostic Woman Who Inherits a Church

… and that headline’s pretty much all we know about it. Deadline has the bare-bones story:

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Reverend Who Offers Exorcisms Over Skype Explains His Methods on The Daily Show

Earlier this year, we learned that televangelist Rev. Bob Larson was offering exorcisms over Skype.

For some reason, Larson thought it’d be a good idea to explain himself to The Daily Show‘s Jessica Williams:

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Churches Are Very Good at Dealing with Fear (Seriously)

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses how churches are very good at handling fear (seriously):

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