‘Militant Atheist’ Who Beat Up a Pastor Sentenced to Eight Years in Prison

You may recall an incident from last year where self-described “militant atheist” James Maxie attended a church service with his girlfriend and ended up severely beating the pastor, Rev. Norman Hayes, after Hayes asked his girlfriend if she felt safe with him:

A lot of you chipped in for Hayes’ recovery fund, which I thought was a very classy move by many atheists appalled by what Maxie did to Hayes.

In case you’re curious, there’s an update to the story: Maxie has been sentenced to eight years in jail:

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Thanks to a Technicality, Pastafarianism is Now an Official Religion in Poland!

For years now, the Poland branch of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster has been working to have the country recognize Pastafarianism as an official religion. Even when a court rejected their arguments last year, they kept fighting.

“Do not be afraid, as it will only be a matter of time before our community is registered as a religious association,” the statement continued, adding it will first appeal to the Polish supreme court.

Well, guess what? It worked. Thanks to a ruling by Judge Wlodzimierz Kowalczyk, Poland will now have to recognize Pastafarianism as an official faith! The ruling (which you can read in Polish here) comes on a technicality… but let’s not let that ruin the celebration:

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Philippine Supreme Court Upholds Most of Reproductive Health Law, Contrary to What Catholic Church Leaders Wanted

In 2012, Philippines President Benigno Aquino III (below) signed a law to make government-funded sex education and contraception widely available to the nation’s poor. The law made so much sense and helped so many people… that the Catholic Church felt compelled to oppose it, saying at the time that the law was “an attack on the church’s core values — the sanctity of life — [and] that contraceptives promote promiscuity and destroy life.”

(What’s that? Contraception prevents abortion rather than causes it? You and your silly logic…)

On Tuesday, after more than a year of opposition from Church forces, the country’s Supreme Court upheld most of that law, putting the Church in unnecessary defense mode:

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Comedian Dave Foley: “There’s No ‘War on Religion’ because Atheists Like Myself Have Zero Political Power”

I have no idea how I missed this when it came out, but comedian Dave Foley (you remember him from The Kids in the Hall) taped his first stand-up special “Relatively Well” not too long ago and part of his act riffs on religion.

In the video below, he talks about atheism in politics, the problem with communion wafers, and Mormon posthumous baptisms:

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Finally, the Whole ‘Holy Ghost’ Concept Makes Perfect Sense!

The Axis of Awesome explains the confusing concept of the Holy Trinity in a crystal-clear and hilarious way:

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