Foundation Beyond Belief Members Raised $65,470 for Charity Over the Past Three Months

Foundation Beyond Belief just released the results from the Third Quarter of 2013. Check out the donations — $65,470 in total given by atheists — to the following organizations:

This marks the first time we’ve ever given more than $10,000 to three organizations in one quarter. We also raised $9,300 to help Syrian refugees.

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A ‘Worship’ Cross on Public Land is About to Become a Problem for Middleboro, Massachusetts

If you were to drive through Middleboro, Massachusetts, you would see this unusual structure on a median on Route 28:

The 12-foot by 7-foot Christian cross has been there for more than 50 years, and sits on public property, half of which is owned by the city, half of which is owned by the state, and all of which is illegal.

The proposed solution to this problem was that the state would sell its half of the property to Middleboro, and Middleboro would then sell all of the property to the local (private) Kiwanas Club. Which is a very roundabout way to keep promoting Christianity through the government.

Jeff Stevens had the good sense to speak out against that plan at a town meeting earlier this week:

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Suggestion to Replace Prayer with Moment of Silence Draws Boos at Franklin County School Board Meeting

The Franklin County School Board in Tennessee had a very important discussion this week at their monthly work session: Should the Parent-Teacher Organization pray at meetings?

The school board’s attorney suggested that a moment of silence would be okay, but a prayer crossed the line — Since the PTO was a school-sponsored group, it was violating the law.

But the residents of the community didn’t accept any of that reasoning.

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Yes, Justice Scalia Deserves to be Mocked for Admitting He Believes in the Devil

It’s not surprising that a liberal like myself would find fault with something Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia said. But after a recent interview in which Scalia described his belief in the Devil, some people are saying he deserves to catch a break from the resulting mockery and contempt.

I’m not ready to let up just yet. In fact, saying you believe in the devil should be an embarrassing revelation.

Scalia’s unlikely defenders don’t seem to understand why anyone could be so stunned by his comments. It’s not that we were surprised that a devout Catholic would say he believes in the Devil or even that he said as much in a “bold” fashion. (I mean, is Scalia ever not bold about something?)

It’s the fact that a grown man, in a position of serious power, would believe in something that’s utter nonsense.

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Hindu Man Brutally Murders 8-Month-Old Son as a Sacrifice to Goddess Kali

It’s bad enough when Christian Science practitioners or Jehovah’s Witnesses allow their children to die because their religious beliefs forbid them from seeking out the proper medical care.

It’s far worse when you think God wants you to sacrifice your children to her… and you comply without question:

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