Candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Texas Wants You to Vote for Him Because… Jesus

State Senator Dan Patrick, a radio talk show host from Houston, is currently running for Lieutenant Governor of Texas. He already voiced his support for teaching Creationism in science classes during a televised debate last December, where he added, “The breakup of the family in this country has started when we took God out of the classroom.”

Now, his latest campaign ad educates voters on what really matters: His record. His policies. His platform. God.

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Dusty Smith Reviews Christian Horror Film ‘The Lock In’

Don’t worry! You don’t have to watch “The Lock In,” the Christian “horror” movie about a church lock-in that involves dirty magazines… because Dusty Smith watched it for us and offers this (NSFW) review: I take back what I said earlier. Now, I have to watch this movie… [Read more…]

Satanist Tries to Clear up Misconceptions Brought on by Craigslist Killer

You may have already heard the story about Miranda Barbour, the woman who supposedly killed two dozen men she met on Craigslist… all because she was part of a Satanic cult:

Originally charged along with her newlywed husband for the murder of a man she connected with on Craigslist, Miranda Barbour said in a jailhouse interview that she has killed at least 22 other people from Alaska to North Carolina, and that if released she would kill again, reports the Associated Press.

The 19-year-old claimed she joined a satanic cult in Alaska at the age of 13 before moving to North Carolina, and said she has killed people in Alaska, Texas, North Carolina and California.

But Lucien Greaves, spokesperson for the Satanic Temple (the group that made headlines by trying to put up a monument of their own in Oklahoma to contrast a Ten Commandments monument), takes issue with anyone (including the suspect) blaming Satanism for her problems and tried to set the record straight:

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Greta Christina’s New Book About Coming Out as an Atheist is Now Available for Preorder

Atheist blogger Greta Christina‘s new book Coming Out Atheist: How to Do It, How to Help Each Other, and Why (take a wild guess what it’s about) is now available for pre-order! I’ve seen parts of the book already and I promise you it’ll be an invaluable resource for anyone who’s on the fence about telling others that they don’t believe in God.

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According to the New Show ‘Star-Crossed,’ ‘Under God’ Is No Longer in the Pledge by 2024

In the year 2024, they apparently still say the Pledge of Allegiance in school, but it doesn’t include the phrase “Under God” and there’s still controversy when people don’t stand during its recitation.

At least that’s the world envisioned in the new CW show “Star-Crossed.”

On Monday night’s premiere, which you can watch here since the CW doesn’t believe in embedding, there’s a scene that features humans pledging allegiance to the flag while members of the alien race (“Atrians”) remain seated. The scene begins around the 14:16 mark:

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