Atheist Politicians in Arizona Speak Out Against Governor Jan Brewer’s “Office of Faith and Community Partnerships”

Two weeks ago, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed an Executive Order to create the “Governor’s Office of Faith and Community Partnerships.” She did something similar in 2010, but this newer order includes some changes:

The role is described similarly, including the appointment of people from faith-based groups, but her new order allows the office to accept and spend money, including the ability to get local, state, or federal government funding.

For that reason, groups like the Secular Coalition for Arizona, atheist State Representative Juan Mendez, atheist Congressional candidate James Woods, and a host of other allies gathered outside the state capitol this morning to speak out against this breakdown of church/state separation and deliver a letter to the Governor:

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Viral Picture of Two Arkansas State Football Players Accidentally Reveals Church/State Violation

Over the weekend, Arkansas State’s football players Jemar Clark and Darion Griswold happened to sit on the bench next to each other when the television cameras caught them at just the right moment. Even @SportsCenter remarked on the inadvertent humor of two jerseys reading “Clark Griswold“:

Hilarious. Lots of retweets. Everyone had a good laugh.

Just one problem: Why were there Christian crosses on their helmets?

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Should a 14-Year-Old Pennsylvania Boy Be Punished for Supposed Desecration of a Statue of Jesus?

About a year ago, the Christian service organization Love in the Name of Christ put a statue of a kneeling Jesus on their property in Bedford County, Pennsylvania.

For whatever reason, this past July, a 14-year-old boy in the area thought it would be great idea to take pictures of Kneeling Jesus giving him a mock-blowjob. Then he put those pictures up on Facebook. Because he’s 14 and he thought everyone would find this hilarious.

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Bryan Fischer: Atheists Should Be Banned from the Military

The Air Force may soon be forced to fix a problem of their own making by allowing an atheist to reenlist even though he doesn’t want to sign an oath that includes the phrase “So Held Me God.”

But Christian Right leader Bryan Fischer has a better solution: Just ban atheists from the military altogether:

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Rick Santorum: Let’s “Call Secularism a Religion” so It’ll Get Banned from Public Schools

In order to promote his upcoming movie One Generation Away (about how Christianity is that close to extinction because religious rights are supposedly eroding away), Rick Santorum appeared on Bryan Fischer‘s radio show yesterday. Because nobody else cares…

It won’t shock you to hear that the men believer secular public schools are (somehow) pushing an atheist worldview onto students. In their minds, neutrality is inherently anti-Christian. But their fix might surprise you: Just call secularism a religion and the problem is solved since religion has no place in a public school!

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