After Tyler Clementi’s Death, His Parents Left Their Anti-Gay Christian Church

In 2010, Tyler Clementi, a gay college student, committed suicide after his roommate (and another student) secretly videotaped him hooking up with another guy. Weeks later, the Illinois Family Institute — in all their Christian love — tried to pin the blame on everything they could think of revolving around his sexuality: Perhaps if Tyler [Read More...]

The Cover of Atheism for Dummies

My friend Dale McGowan is writing the book Atheism for Dummies and blogging about the process. He recently had a chance to offer input on the book’s cover and created a checklist for the image that would grace his book: – Embodies natural worldview – Represents desire to understand world – No religious negation – [Read More...]

Bill Nye on Why Accepting Evolution is so Important

(via Big Think — Thanks to Jenny for the link!) [Read more...]

Julia Sweeney Talks About Dealing with Death as an Atheist

Actress Julia Sweeney filmed a segment for Chris Johnson‘s multimedia book about atheists and what gives them joy and meaning in life… though in the segment below, she talks about how she has dealt with death. It’s a short clip, but she puts things into perspective so well: (via The Atheist Book) [Read more...]

FOX News Should Fix This Headline

Hey, FOX News headline writer person, you got it wrong. American Atheists’ billboards didn’t come down due to “complaints.” They came down because AA staffers and the advertising company were hit with threats. THREATS! Presumably from Christians who couldn’t handle criticism of their beliefs. I’ll be right here. Waiting for you to apologize… [Read more...]