Why Does God Need Virgins So Badly?

This cartoon at God Comics starts one way… … and it heads somewhere completely unexpected. Check out the rest of it here. [Read more...]

Reasons I Haven’t Responded to Any of Your Emails

Parent-Teacher conferences last night, today all day, and tonight. Weekly Speech Team/Forensics tournaments… and almost-daily practices. (But the kids are sooooo freaking talented.) Foundation Beyond Belief board meeting last weekend (Lots of amazing ideas came from it, though… can’t wait to share them all with you soon!) *cough cough hack snot asthma wheeze* Grandfather’s 90th [Read More...]

Non-Religious Cards to Help You Cope with Someone’s Death

Laura Beck gave birth to her first child Truman back in August… but he died just three days later. As hard as it was to cope with the loss, it didn’t help that so many of the people around her were using the phrase “angel baby,” or telling her he was in a “better place,” [Read More...]

This Weekend: The Portland Humanist Film Festival

Don’t have any big plans for the weekend? Live in Portland? Then the Portland Humanist Film Festival is where you’re going: The event is sponsored by the Center for Inquiry–Portland and it’ll feature film producer Roger Nygard, Skeptoid host Brian Dunning, and Free Inquiry editor Tom Flynn. A preview of the films is below: Monty [Read More...]

Baltimore Sun Supports Humanist Lay Leaders in the MIlitary

The Baltimore Sun has a wonderful editorial in support of “humanist lay leaders in the military, a position Capt. Ryan Jean is trying to obtain: What’s certain, however, is that the military needs to be accepting of those who do not believe, and that apparently hasn’t always been the case at Fort Meade and other [Read More...]