Richard Asks: How Can We Constructively Respond to More Religious Visitors?

In the comments on Hemant’s announcement to have this site hosted by Patheos, several readers have expressed apprehension about being “overrun by fundies.” It would be unfortunate if people here instantly reacted with hostility to the first religious visitors who comment after the move. Many of them will be visiting out of simple curiosity rather [Read More...]

Saying Goodbye To This Site…

I’ve been blogging at this website for a little over five years now. And it’s time to move on… kind of. This is a big part of my life and it takes up a lot of my time (outside of teaching and coaching). I have no desire to stop blogging, though. The opportunities it has [Read More...]

Why is News Station KTBS Endorsing Jesus?

It’s not uncommon for religious people to post Jesus-y messages on their Facebook wall, but last night, KTBS 3, a news station in Shreveport, Louisiana, posted this regarding the Casey Anthony verdict: What?! Why is an ABC affiliate endorsing Jesus? Why is a news station still talking about the verdict? Why did they feel the [Read More...]

Secular Summer Camp Coming to Seattle

Good news for families in the NorthWest: Camp Quest is set to open a chapter next summer in Seattle. In the summer of 2012, Camp Quest NorthWest is bringing a new kind of summer camp to the Pacific Northwest. With science experiments and s’mores, campfires and activities to foster critical thinking, Camp Quest NorthWest provides [Read More...]

Armageddon for Kids!

Did you know the guys behind the Armageddon/Christ-is-coming-back!/Atheists-are-screwed Left Behind series also made a version for kids? As if they hadn’t done enough damage already… The book Taken compiles the first four books in the children’s series (and covers the basic plot of the first book in the adult series). The only reason I bring [Read More...]