Should It Be Considered ‘Charity’ If You Give Money to Your Own Church?

On last week’s Real Time with Bill Maher, Republican atheist S.E. Cupp — Oh my god, there are two of them now! — argued that Mitt Romney donated millions to charity (“poor people”) because he donated to the Mormon Church. Maher quickly called her out on it: His argument in a nutshell: It’s not “charity” [Read More...]

Canadian School’s Solution to Daily Prayer: Just Put Non-Christians in a Separate Classroom

Last year, Canadian Luke Fevin enrolled his children in Sturgeon Heights School in Alberta with the knowledge that it was a public school. It wasn’t long before he discovered they began each school day with a recitation of the Lord’s Prayer. Fevin fought to change that — and he did! In September, they suspended the [Read More...]

It’s the Role Tim Minchin Was Born to Play

Looks like atheist comedian/singer Tim Minchin will be playing Judas in an upcoming production of the rock opera “Jesus Christ Superstar”: He will join the pop singer Nicole Scherzinger, playing Mary Magdalene, in an arena tour of the musical by Lord Lloyd Webber and Sir Tim Rice which will open at London’s O2 arena this [Read More...]

The Mayor of State College, Pennsylvania Also Issued a Day of Reason Proclamation!

I’m a day late to this, but after pointing out that leaders of three cities and one state had issued proclamations about the Day of Reason, I heard that another mayor did the same thing (but didn’t get any publicity for it). Elizabeth Goreham, the mayor of State College, Pennsylvania, issued a proclamation, too! A [Read More...]

Jesus H. Christ Explains Salvation

When Jesus explains salvation… well… it makes as much sense as when you read about it in the Bible: (via DerekJohnson5) [Read more...]