Conservative Catholic Hopes LGBT Community Respects Anti-Gay Christians if Marriage Equality Goes National

I was reading Jonathan Merritt‘s column yesterday about how evangelical Christians might respond next year if the Supreme Court decides that gay marriage should be legal everywhere, and one quotation really stood out.

It comes from Heritage Foundation fellow Ryan Anderson, a Roman Catholic, who’s talking about how conservative Christians might react to that news:

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It’s Time to Abandon the Irrational Concept of a Soul

While religion itself has received plenty of criticism over the past several years, the concept of the soul often gets a pass. Maybe it’s because the belief doesn’t do much damage, but it’s no more rational than a belief in God. There’s no evidence for it, you can’t sell it (I promise), and it really doesn’t weigh 21 grams.

Julien Musolino, a cognitive scientist and Associate Professor at Rutgers, has finally written a book debunking this idea that so many Americans hold dear. It’s bluntly titled The Soul Fallacy: What Science Shows We Gain from Letting Go of Our Soul Beliefs (Prometheus Books, 2015):

In the excerpt below, Musolino explains why the soul is a topic worth discussing:

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The Guy Who Taught Us “How Stuff Works” is Ready to Explain Why God Doesn’t Work

In 1997, the aptly-named Marshall Brain began a website that became a phenomenon: How Stuff Works. For years now, he’s been the guy who explained the inner workings of things we take for granted.

Now, he’s applying that same skill to religion.

His new book is called How “God” Works: A Logical Inquiry on Faith (Sterling Ethos, 2015):

You may not know this, but Brain is the same guy who created the website Why Won’t God Heal Amputees? And in the excerpt below, Brain talks about why God isn’t in the limb-regenerating business and what we should take away from that:

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Troy Chancellor Jack Hawkins Has No Clue How to Apologize for the Inappropriate Religious Video He Sent Students

Chancellor Jack Hawkins of Alabama’s Troy University, who sent a completely inappropriate anti-atheist video to the entire student body and faculty last week, has finally issued a lengthier explanation of what he was trying to do. It’s not a better explanation. Just a longer one.

This was his original email:

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Ethical Humanist Society of Chicago Launches Billboard Campaign Reaching Out to the Godless

The Ethical Humanist Society of Chicago just launched its first billboard campaign today on the north side of the city:

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