Madalyn Murray O’Hair’s Son Talks to Mike Huckabee About His Conversion to Christianity

Mike Huckabee recently interviewed William J. Murray, the author of My Life Without God. Murray is the son of Madalyn Murray O’Hair, whose Supreme Court case took mandatory prayer out of public school and led to her being called “The Most Hated Woman in America.” Even though his mother was hard-core about her atheism (and [Read More...]

Atheist Billboard Goes Up in Omaha

The Omaha Coalition of Reason in Nebraska just put up this billboard to promote the Midwest Freethought Conference taking place in early August: You know, there’s probably a point where these billboards will become ineffective… but it clearly hasn’t happened yet. So kudos to OmahaCoR for putting this sign up. They get coverage in every [Read More...]

Should an Atheist Complain About a ‘Church Bulletin’ Discount?

In Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, atheist John Wolff went to the website for the local Prudhomme’s Lost Cajun Kitchen and was surprised to see a special discount on Sunday that seemed to specifically exclude him: Prudhomme said she began offering the discount a little more than a year ago. She said she has offered all kinds [Read More...]

Australian Girl Guides Drop ‘God’ from Their Official Promise

For over 40 years, this was the promise recited by members of the Australian Girl Guides (kinda like American Girl Scouts): But as of this past week, that pledge will be changing to the following: Notice the difference? The refreshed Girl Guides’ promise will see its 28,000-strong group promise to do their best “to be [Read More...]

Christian Pastor Tries to Support Gay People… by Ignoring Contradictory Bible Verses and Suggesting God Can Fix Them

After Anderson Cooper told the world he was gay last week, Pastor Craig Gross wrote an article for CNN offering a response to what Cooper did. Here’s what Gross intended to say (in my mind): A lot of Christians say homosexuality is a sin, but they ignore all the other sins in the Bible. You [Read More...]