Atheists, Where Did the Universe Come From?

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, answers the question: Where did the universe come from?:

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How Can You Not Have Pride When You’re With a Group Like This?

Over the weekend, the Society of Edmonton Atheists took part in the local Pride Parade. And based on this picture, it went extraordinarily well:

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What Are Atheists’ Favorite Bible Verses?

Valerie Tarico asked a number of atheists what their favorite Bible verse was — without snark — and she compiled the responses at AlterNet.

Here’s just one example:

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How Does This Evangelical Scientist Convince Christians to Accept Climate Change?

Over the weekend, NPR’s Rachel Martin had a fascinating interview with Katharine Hayhoe, an evangelical Christian who is trying to convince other conservatives that human-induced climate change is a real problem that they need to be concerned with… and not just God huggin’ us closer:

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Former British Politician Claims Nazis and Communists Have it Easier Than Christians; Blames “Militant Secularism”

Ann Widdecombe, a former Conservative Party politician in Britain, must be a Tea Party member in waiting given what she said in an interview this week:

Apparently it’s really hard to be a Christian in Britain these days…

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