What Happens When People Pray to Different Gods for the Same Thing?

You can see how that plays out at The Perry Bible Fellowship.

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Updates on the Daughter of Homeschooling Christian Parents Who Needed Help Obtaining Essential Life Documents

A couple of days ago, we learned about Alecia Faith Pennington, a 19-year-old woman who grew up in a homeschooling Christian household. Because of her parents’ disdain for government regulation of any kind, Alecia had no birth certificate (she was home-birthed), social security number, or school records (she was home-schooled).

The lack of identification meant she couldn’t obtain a driver’s license, go to college, vote, or even apply for a job. She made a plea for help:

There have been a few updates to this story worth sharing:

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Are You an Atheist Politician? If You’re British, It Will Help You, Says New Survey

According to a survey released yesterday by YouGov, nearly a third of British adults don’t believe in a God. (Compare that to the 50% who are at least nominally Christian.)

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After Texas Parents Complain That “Lebanon High School” Isn’t Very Patriotic, It Gets a New Name (Kind of…)

Last month, we learned that parents in Frisco, Texas were raising hell over a new local high school’s name: “Lebanon High School.”

The argument was that they didn’t want the school to share its name with a Middle East nation… even though the origin of the name in this case was the community of farmers who lived in the area before Frisco was established. (Indeed, there was a Lebanon School in the area that closed in 1947.)

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Did Charles Darwin Recant Evolution on His Deathbed?

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses the rumor that Charles Darwin recanted evolution on his deathbed.

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